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* 2015 Michigan QSO Party *

* 16z on 4/18/15 to 04z on 4/19/2015 *



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2015 MiQP is *** THIS WEEKEND ***


The 2015 Michigan QSO Party (MiQP) is this weekend (Saturday, April 18, 2015 from noon to midnight EDST).  DON'T MISS IT!!!!


***Jump Start your MiQP plans with ***

 the Planned Operations page


Hams planning to operate in MiQP are invited to check out the Planned Operations page (see the link just below the Michigan map at the top of this page). This page lists the 83 Michigan counties and the callsigns of stations planning to be active from each county. MiQP participants can take note of the listed callsigns from rare counties and be on the lookout for these stations during to contest to snag additional county multipliers.


*** New Multiplier for 2015 MiQP ***


MiQP rules require that when working stations outside of the USA and Canada in the contest, their location should be logged as "DX". For the 2015 MiQP, the contest rules have been changed to count "DX" as a multiplier, adding two multiplier opportunities for your score (once on CW, and once on phone). Entrants should not be concerned if their logging software does not count a "DX" station as a multiplier. They will receive multiplier credit for any "DX" QSOs when their log is re-scored by the contest committee.


First Ever "Michigan Cabinet Counties" award to be available during the 2015 MiQP

Add a little more fun to your MiQP action!

The first ever Michigan Cabinet Counties Award will be available during the 2015 Michigan QSO Party (April 18, 2015). Work one or more of the 10 Cabinet Counties during the hours of the MiQP and you qualify for the award.

A list of the 10 Cabinet Counties and rules for the Michigan Cabinet Counties Award can be found at:



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