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* 2013 MiQP Results Posted *


The MiQP Organizing Committee is pleased to announce that the results of the 2013 MiQP are now available on the MiQP web site (see link at right).  We appreciate (most) everyone's patience with the delay in publishing these results (we are volunteers, after all).


The major category winners were:


Hi Score - Mich Single-Op - High Power/Rookie (combined)

Steve Wuelfing, K8BZ


Hi Score - Mich Single-Op - Low Power

Greg Chapoton, NA8V


Hi Score - Mich Single-Op - QRP

Station K6JSS/8, Operator: Hank Greeb, N8XX


Hi Score - Mich Multi-Op, Single-Xmtr

Station N8SL - Ops: W8RA, W8MJ, W8TU and N8NX


Hi Score - Mich Multi-Op, Multi-Xmtr

Station N8LC - Ops: N8PYN, N8GEO, K8HVI, K8RO, KD8LLT, & N8FYL


Hi Score - Mich Mobile, Solo-Op

Dan Kovatch, W8CAR/m


Hi Score - Mich Mobile, Multi-Op

Station K8MR/m - Operators K8MR, K8YSE


Hi Score - Mich EOC Station

Station W8OAK - Ops AB8JR, K8ED, K8GT, K8PGJ, WB8SBI, WE8P & WF5X


Hi Score - Out of State Single-Op, Eastern/Central Region

Paul Newberry, N4PN


Hi Score - Out of State Single-Op, Mountain/Pacific Region

Bill Waters, W7GKF


Hi Combined Score - Michigan Club

Cherryland Amateur Radio Club


Hi Combined Score - Non-Michigan Club

Society of Midwest Contesters


The MiQP Committee congratulates all of these winners, as well as those winners at the county, state or province level.    Certificate and plaque awards should be in the winner's hands by June 1, 2014.



* 2014 Michigan QSO Party *

* 16z on 4/19/14 to 04z on 4/20/14 *


The 2014 Michigan QSO Party will be held of the weekend of April 19, 2014.  The starting time will be at noon Eastern time on Saturday running until midnight the same day (these times and dates are local, Michigan time).  The contest committee recognizes that this is the weekend of the Easter holiday, however there really isn't any room to move the contest due to other state QSO parties on the adjacent weekends.  There have been previous years where the MiQP has shared the weekend with Easter, and  there were no actual conflicts, since Easter is on Sunday and the contest is run entirely on Saturday (local time).  However, we do realize that there may be some personal conflicts from sharing the weekend with family activities.


The  rules for the 2014 contest are the same as in previous years, however as was announced last year log submittal for the 2014 contest will be entirely via the MiQP Log Submission Page.   This web page automatically scans the submitted log, checking that all the necessary information is present and seems correct, then performs a quick scoring check of the log.  If the log has problems the entrant is informed that the log was not accepted and is shown suggestions how to correct the errors. If there are no problems, the log is saved, the entrant is shown the results of the quick scoring check, a confirmation e-mail is automatically sent to the entrant and the entry is automatically added to the "Logs Received" page on the web site.


As always, paper logs will continue to be accepted, and the MiQP log checking staff will continue to be available via e-mail to assist entrants having difficulty correcting and submitting their logs.


We apologize for the delay in publishing the results of the 2013 MiQP.  The logchecking is complete, and work is underway to complete the results write-up as soon as possible, and most certainly no later than the beginning of April.  The "2014 Planned Operations" page should be running by the beginning of April as well.




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