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* 2015 Michigan QSO Party *

* 16z on 4/18/15 to 04z on 4/19/2015 *



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First Ever "Michigan Cabinet Counties" award to be available during the 2015 MiQP

Add a little more fun to your MiQP action!

The first ever Michigan Cabinet Counties Award will be available during the 2015 Michigan QSO Party (April 18, 2015). Work one or more of the 10 Cabinet Counties during the hours of the MiQP and you qualify for the award.

Michigan Cabinet Counties?  Perhaps a little bit of history is in order - In an attempt to influence then-president Andrew Jackson in favor of creating a new State of Michigan (and awarding it the land being disputed in what was known as the "Toledo War") the Michigan Territorial legislature named 10 of its new counties after President Jackson and members of his cabinet.  Jackson eventually did sign legislation making Michigan the 26th state  in 1837 but gave the land to Ohio instead while Michigan got the Upper Peninsula.

A list of the 10 Cabinet Counties and rules for the Michigan Cabinet Counties Award can be found at:


The Michigan Cabinet Counties award is administered independently of MiQP by Joe, W8JRK and a group out of the Lansing area, but with the cooperation of the MiQP Organizing Committee.


Joe, W8JRK & the MiQP Organizing Committee


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