2017 Michigan QSO Party Logs Received


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The scores shown on this page are raw numbers based on scoring of your log to the contest rules and may not accurately reflect your claimed score. For example, if your log uses non-standard location abbreviations (ex: OHIO instead of OH, or Kalamazoo instead of KZOO), these are not credited in the raw score calculation but may be credited in your final score as the result of log checking (the official log checking software is designed to be forgiving in this regard). Also, dupes are not removed from the raw scores shown on this page.

Number of logs received 241

Call Category Raw Score Club
K8UNSEOC25764Livonia Amateur Radio Club
NA8VFixed Single Op High120834Bay Area DXers
K8BZFixed Single Op High55022Ogemaw-Arenac ARS
K1ROFixed Single Op High39552Yankee Clipper Contest Club
KX8DFixed Single Op High30096Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
KT8YFixed Single Op High29360
K8AOFixed Single Op High28336Delta County Amateur Radio Society
WA8YFixed Single Op High24822Midland Amateur Radio Club
W8PFixed Single Op High24624
N8DXRFixed Single Op High13804Monroe County Radio Comm Assn
KD8VSQFixed Single Op High12920
KD8AUZFixed Single Op High11552Saginaw Valley ARA
K8PLFixed Single Op High11454Frankford Radio Club
WA0JCOFixed Single Op High7446
K5GAFixed Single Op High6432DFW Contest Group
K4BAIFixed Single Op High4318South East Contest Club
KA6BIMFixed Single Op High3738Northern California Contest Club
DL3DXXFixed Single Op High2880Bavarian Contest Club
W8JRKFixed Single Op High2812Michigan State University ARC
K8TMKFixed Single Op High2470Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
N5KFFixed Single Op High2211Central Texas DX and Contest Club
W5ASPFixed Single Op High2016
NW8EFixed Single Op High1856Livonia Amateur Radio Club
W4NBSFixed Single Op High1792Alabama Contest Group
AD4EBFixed Single Op High1680Tennessee Contest Group
K8JQFixed Single Op High1584
DM5EEFixed Single Op High1575Bavarian Contest Club
NU1OFixed Single Op High1377
K9OMFixed Single Op High1240Society of Midwest Contesters
VE3KPFixed Single Op High1240Contest Club Ontario
WA3AANFixed Single Op High960Frankford Radio Club
KA5MFixed Single Op High817
W6KCFixed Single Op High810Southern California Contest Club
W6AFAFixed Single Op High682Southern California Contest Club
W1UJFixed Single Op High588Yankee Clipper Contest Club
N4EEVFixed Single Op High576South East Contest Club
W6OULFixed Single Op High442
N0DOWFixed Single Op High437
N1SOHFixed Single Op High336Yankee Clipper Contest Club
WA8OLDFixed Single Op High300
K5VVFixed Single Op High234
VE3HEDFixed Single Op High220
NS9IFixed Single Op High192Northeast Wisconsin DX Assn
VA3ECFixed Single Op High126Contest Club Ontario
N1NNFixed Single Op High96
WA2VYAFixed Single Op High32Central Texas DX and Contest Club
NS4XFixed Single Op High24
NA2CCFixed Single Op High18
WB8WKQFixed Single Op Low110668Thumb Area Contesters
WA1UJUFixed Single Op Low66470
W8DWFixed Single Op Low43681Saginaw Valley ARA
K8RYUFixed Single Op Low25752Marietta Amateur Radio Club
N8SBEFixed Single Op Low24795Arrow Communications Assn
K8BKMFixed Single Op Low24158Mad River Radio Club
AA8SNFixed Single Op Low15975Cherryland Amateur Radio Club
NF8MFixed Single Op Low15562Michigan State University ARC
WZ8CFixed Single Op Low15477Cherryland Amateur Radio Club
N8MSFixed Single Op Low14744Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
K8AZTFixed Single Op Low13500Livonia Amateur Radio Club
WN8PFixed Single Op Low12546Wexaukee Amateur Radio Club of Cadillac
K4WWFixed Single Op Low12320Kentucky Contest Group
K8RDJFixed Single Op Low12296Utica Shelby Emergency Communications As
AC8JFFixed Single Op Low11560Hazel Park ARC
W8TMFixed Single Op Low11550Mad River Radio Club
K8WGAFixed Single Op Low11232
W8DWLFixed Single Op Low11210Monroe County Radio Comm Assn
N8FYLFixed Single Op Low10980Lanse Creuse ARC
KE3KFixed Single Op Low10600Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
N2CUFixed Single Op Low10492North Coast Contesters
KD8DEUFixed Single Op Low10246Genessee County RC
W9RASFixed Single Op Low10205
N8WKFixed Single Op Low9976Cherryland Amateur Radio Club
N8HKUFixed Single Op Low9333
KG8IFixed Single Op Low8775
K8SZNFixed Single Op Low8360Cherryland Amateur Radio Club
N5MKYFixed Single Op Low6960
K7DR/8Fixed Single Op Low6943
N8ARFixed Single Op Low6322South Lyon Area ARC
W8ZACFixed Single Op Low5959Genessee County RC
AB8VSFixed Single Op Low5668Shiawassee Amateur Radio Association
W8KIDFixed Single Op Low5668
N4ULFixed Single Op Low5633Kentucky Contest Group
K8MRFixed Single Op Low5280Florida Contest Group
W8MSCFixed Single Op Low5136
W8TWAFixed Single Op Low5040Bay Area DXers
N8NJAFixed Single Op Low4400Wexaukee Amateur Radio Club of Cadillac
K8MMFixed Single Op Low4366Thumb Area Contesters
WB9HFKFixed Single Op Low4191Society of Midwest Contesters
KJ4LTAFixed Single Op Low4059Alabama Contest Group
WB0PYFFixed Single Op Low3672
WA8ZBTFixed Single Op Low3201DFW Contest Group
WN4AFPFixed Single Op Low3145Swamp Fox Contest Group
N0XTFixed Single Op Low3002Minnesota Wireless Assn
W5TMFixed Single Op Low2940
VE3ZYFixed Single Op Low2592
K4WLGFixed Single Op Low2555
N8WNAFixed Single Op Low2535
W8BUHFixed Single Op Low2412Ogemaw-Arenac ARS
AA8YSFixed Single Op Low2262Frankford Radio Club
VE3RRFixed Single Op Low2242
KA5VZGFixed Single Op Low2108
W8WDDFixed Single Op Low2016
KE3ZTFixed Single Op Low1914
KB8WFixed Single Op Low1850
VA3ATTFixed Single Op Low1748Contest Club Ontario
N8OVIFixed Single Op Low1683
W1ENDFixed Single Op Low1656Yankee Clipper Contest Club
KN4YFixed Single Op Low1628Albany ARA
KD8CAOFixed Single Op Low1566
W4LIDFixed Single Op Low1560
K8RCTFixed Single Op Low1508Cherryland Amateur Radio Club
KE0ATAFixed Single Op Low1496Arrow Communications Assn
W3RGAFixed Single Op Low1470Frankford Radio Club
K7ZYVFixed Single Op Low1426
KJ4IWZFixed Single Op Low1364
W8MFixed Single Op Low1305
KM4FOFixed Single Op Low1292Kentucky Contest Group
K0HNCFixed Single Op Low1288
W8SWLFixed Single Op Low1288Ogemaw-Arenac ARS
ND3RFixed Single Op Low1118
K8BDFixed Single Op Low1092Ogemaw-Arenac ARS
W0YJTFixed Single Op Low1035
W8COPFixed Single Op Low999Ogemaw-Arenac ARS
W8NWGFixed Single Op Low946
K4MXFixed Single Op Low936
K9GDFFixed Single Op Low936
KD5ILAFixed Single Op Low920Fort Smith ARC
KJ4RFixed Single Op Low900
K8RGSFixed Single Op Low875Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
WA8MXJFixed Single Op Low832
W8KFixed Single Op Low828
KK4HEGFixed Single Op Low814
ND4XFixed Single Op Low770Kentucky Contest Group
K4BSKFixed Single Op Low748
AF8AFixed Single Op Low736Mad River Radio Club
K9NWFixed Single Op Low720Southwest Ohio Dx Association
NY9PFixed Single Op Low714
KD8UDOFixed Single Op Low714Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
W1QKFixed Single Op Low672Yankee Clipper Contest Club
KM4HVEFixed Single Op Low640
N3TGFixed Single Op Low630Sterling Park ARC
N8GASFixed Single Op Low616Michigan QRP Club
KC8RTWFixed Single Op Low600Midland Amateur Radio Club
W8ALKFixed Single Op Low572Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
KF3GFixed Single Op Low560
KG9JPFixed Single Op Low546Fox Cities ARC
K8LFFixed Single Op Low540Potomac Valley Radio Club
KG2DWSFixed Single Op Low520
N8LMTFixed Single Op Low486
W7GFFixed Single Op Low450
AE8TFFixed Single Op Low391
KJ4KKDFixed Single Op Low390
KD8ZXVFixed Single Op Low375Genessee County RC
AK7OFixed Single Op Low374Utah DX Association
WA0LIFFixed Single Op Low364
W5QLFFixed Single Op Low360South Texas DX and Contest Club
WD8RTHFixed Single Op Low360Delta County Amateur Radio Society
K3YPFixed Single Op Low336
NA4KFixed Single Op Low288Tennessee Contest Group
K5IXFixed Single Op Low275
W1NNFixed Single Op Low264Mad River Radio Club
K8AVJFixed Single Op Low260Saginaw Valley ARA
K2RYDFixed Single Op Low247Great South Bay ARC
N0HDRFixed Single Op Low238
N7MZWFixed Single Op Low238Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado
KF4EKAFixed Single Op Low234
N2TCBFixed Single Op Low208
W4WWFixed Single Op Low180
W4HZDFixed Single Op Low180Tennessee Contest Group
K4VBMFixed Single Op Low168
N9WLFixed Single Op Low156
N2SOFixed Single Op Low144
KM4IAJFixed Single Op Low135
WI0WAFixed Single Op Low128
AF5CCFixed Single Op Low126Oklahoma DX Assn
W8WDRFixed Single Op Low117Ogemaw-Arenac ARS
KB3EHWFixed Single Op Low117Hazel Park ARC
AB4VTFixed Single Op Low108North Fulton Amateur Radio League
K4CGAFixed Single Op Low108
KV4MOFixed Single Op Low99
VA6NJKFixed Single Op Low90
W4FEBFixed Single Op Low88
W2MWHFixed Single Op Low88
K6KQVFixed Single Op Low72Northern California Contest Club
KB8ZRFixed Single Op Low70
KC5DCTFixed Single Op Low66
KE8CDDFixed Single Op Low49
KE0LBIFixed Single Op Low49Sandhills ARC
K7HKRFixed Single Op Low48
KS4SFixed Single Op Low40Carolina DX Association
AB5XMFixed Single Op Low32
K4GOPFixed Single Op Low30Florida Contest Group
WA1SAYFixed Single Op Low25
N7FLTFixed Single Op Low25
KC5LLFixed Single Op Low16
N7WIFixed Single Op Low12
WZ6ZZFixed Single Op Low9
KI7GXVFixed Single Op Low9
KC9YLFixed Single Op Low6Society of Midwest Contesters
AG7FUFixed Single Op Low4
K6MBDFixed Single Op Low4
W8YFFixed Single Op Low4Livonia Amateur Radio Club
KD4QMYFixed Single Op Low1South East Contest Club
K1AUSFixed Single Op Low1
AA6SFFixed Single Op Low1
AE6YBFixed Single Op Low0Northern California Contest Club
K8JSNFixed Single Op Low0
KT8KFixed Single Op QRP19314Mad River Radio Club
N8XXFixed Single Op QRP2480Michigan QRP Club
AD0RWFixed Single Op QRP1998
AB8DFFixed Single Op QRP1044Michigan QRP Club
KC4ZAFixed Single Op QRP312
K8AAXFixed Single Op QRP288Michigan QRP Club
VA3PCJFixed Single Op QRP220Contest Club Ontario
KM4FRMFixed Single Op QRP110Kentucky Contest Group
W4QOFixed Single Op QRP80North Fulton Amateur Radio League
K8MQPMulti Op Single-Xmtr174552Mad River Radio Club
W8MMMMulti Op Single-Xmtr86721Mad River Radio Club
N8KVMulti Op Single-Xmtr58752Cherryland Amateur Radio Club
W8PSPMulti Op Single-Xmtr46276
N8EAMulti Op Single-Xmtr19600Mad River Radio Club
W8TAMMulti Op Single-Xmtr17490Arrow Communications Assn
W8USAMulti Op Single-Xmtr17064Michigan Amateur Radio Alliance
N8LCMulti Op Single-Xmtr13650Lanse Creuse ARC
N2CQMulti Op Single-Xmtr3712Frankford Radio Club
W4IHIMulti Op Single-Xmtr2924Florida Contest Group
W8ZHOMulti Op Single-Xmtr2904Muskegon Area Amateur Radio Council
WA9LEYMulti Op Single-Xmtr220Metro DX Club
K8BFMulti Op Single-Xmtr140Portage County Amateur Radio Service
VE2GTMulti Op Single-Xmtr36NorDX Club
K8IR/MMobile multi-op77376Menominee & Marinette ARC
KA8OMulti Op Multi-Xmtr212433
KM8CCMulti Op Multi-Xmtr201950
W8SHMulti Op Multi-Xmtr101908Michigan State University ARC
W8UMMulti Op Multi-Xmtr98235University of Michigan Amateur Radio Clu
N8OLMulti Op Multi-Xmtr49704Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
W8RPMulti Op Multi-Xmtr4200Arrow Communications Assn


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