2018 Michigan QSO Party Logs Received


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The scores shown on this page are raw numbers based on scoring of your log to the contest rules and may not accurately reflect your claimed score. For example, if your log uses non-standard location abbreviations (ex: OHIO instead of OH, or Kalamazoo instead of KZOO), these are not credited in the raw score calculation but may be credited in your final score as the result of log checking (the official log checking software is designed to be forgiving in this regard). Also, dupes are not removed from the raw scores shown on this page.

Number of logs received 188

Call Category Raw Score Club
NA8VFixed Single Op High208260Bay Area DXers
K8BZFixed Single Op High147225Ogemaw-Arenac ARS
W8TWAFixed Single Op High113444Bay Area DXers
K8RYUFixed Single Op High32754Marietta Amateur Radio Club
KG8IFixed Single Op High31648
KX8DFixed Single Op High27840Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
KD8VSQFixed Single Op High24682
NA8MFixed Single Op High21580
KU8EFixed Single Op High17100South East Contest Club
W8JRKFixed Single Op High13987Michigan State University ARC
W7GKFFixed Single Op High9960
N8NJAFixed Single Op High8568Wexaukee Amateur Radio Club of Cadillac
K8TMKFixed Single Op High7112Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
K8AOFixed Single Op High6615Delta County Amateur Radio Society
K8JQFixed Single Op High6308
WB2ABDFixed Single Op High5920
K8AJSFixed Single Op High5043Wayne Amateur Radio Club
K4BAIFixed Single Op High5029South East Contest Club
W8CSXFixed Single Op High4950Ogemaw-Arenac ARS
N8DXRFixed Single Op High4800Monroe County Radio Comm Assn
K4BYNFixed Single Op High4030
N4VVFixed Single Op High3776Tennessee Contest Group
AA4DDFixed Single Op High3520Tennessee Contest Group
K0PCFixed Single Op High3328Minnesota Wireless Assn
N7WYFixed Single Op High3276Mississippi Valley DX/Contest Club
W2RRFixed Single Op High3102Western New York DX Assn
N0BKFixed Single Op High3094Minnesota Wireless Assn
K2DSWFixed Single Op High2958
N2SQWFixed Single Op High2695Hudson Valley Contesters and DXers
WB9CIFFixed Single Op High2304
K3TNFixed Single Op High2028Potomac Valley Radio Club
NB4MFixed Single Op High1830Tennessee Contest Group
K0RJWFixed Single Op High1716Minnesota Wireless Assn
NU1OFixed Single Op High1586
KD0JLEFixed Single Op High1200
K5ZGFixed Single Op High1173
N3KNFixed Single Op High1128Potomac Valley Radio Club
W8COPFixed Single Op High875Ogemaw-Arenac ARS
WB2PJHFixed Single Op High700Frankford Radio Club
K2RYDFixed Single Op High594Great South Bay ARC
W4NBSFixed Single Op High464Alabama Contest Group
VE3TWFixed Single Op High285Contest Club Ontario
VA3TTBFixed Single Op High285
NS8OFixed Single Op High210
W6OULFixed Single Op High112
W8BUHFixed Single Op High60Ogemaw-Arenac ARS
KD8TNFFixed Single Op High32
DM5EEFixed Single Op High2Bavarian Contest Club
WB8WKQFixed Single Op Low130200Thumb Area Contesters
WA1UJUFixed Single Op Low73704
N8FYLFixed Single Op Low52864Lanse Creuse ARC
W8DWFixed Single Op Low34241Saginaw Valley ARA
N8LRFixed Single Op Low28644
K8AZTFixed Single Op Low19800Livonia Amateur Radio Club
W8MSCFixed Single Op Low15984South Lyon Area ARC
K7DRFixed Single Op Low15840
WN8PFixed Single Op Low14976Wexaukee Amateur Radio Club of Cadillac
W8FSMFixed Single Op Low14144
N8JBRFixed Single Op Low12545Monroe County Radio Comm Assn
W8TMFixed Single Op Low12032Mad River Radio Club
W8LHPFixed Single Op Low12008Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
WN4AFPFixed Single Op Low9516South East Contest Club
K4WWFixed Single Op Low9000Kentucky Contest Group
K0JPLFixed Single Op Low8990Mississippi Valley DX/Contest Club
K8MRFixed Single Op Low8476Florida Contest Group
AC8ZTFixed Single Op Low8024
N8HKUFixed Single Op Low7316
WA5SOGFixed Single Op Low7056Fort Smith ARC
NE8JFixed Single Op Low6256
WB9HFKFixed Single Op Low6240Society of Midwest Contesters
N2CQFixed Single Op Low5289Frankford Radio Club
W4XKFixed Single Op Low4422Tennessee Contest Group
W8DCQFixed Single Op Low4420
N4UCFixed Single Op Low4268Alabama Contest Group
K0APFixed Single Op Low3956
WN8SFixed Single Op Low3784
NW0MFixed Single Op Low3400
KJ4IWZFixed Single Op Low3392
K0TCFixed Single Op Low3240Minnesota Wireless Assn
N5MKYFixed Single Op Low3124
W8PIFixed Single Op Low2958Monroe County Radio Comm Assn
K9CWFixed Single Op Low2632Society of Midwest Contesters
AB8OUFixed Single Op Low2553Mad River Radio Club
K0HNCFixed Single Op Low2523
KM4FOFixed Single Op Low2392Kentucky Contest Group
N2ZNFixed Single Op Low2387North Coast Contesters
AC7AFFixed Single Op Low2300
K8BDFixed Single Op Low2280Ogemaw-Arenac ARS
K2NPNFixed Single Op Low2256
W4BBTFixed Single Op Low2201Potomac Valley Radio Club
AD8JFixed Single Op Low2001South East Contest Club
K3MAWFixed Single Op Low1890Potomac Valley Radio Club
KN4YFixed Single Op Low1872
N4IQFixed Single Op Low1798Swamp Fox Contest Group
K1ROFixed Single Op Low1656Yankee Clipper Contest Club
WA9LEYFixed Single Op Low1540Metro DX Club
WA8ZBTFixed Single Op Low1536DFW Contest Group
W4LIDFixed Single Op Low1485
K3YPFixed Single Op Low1364
W8WDDFixed Single Op Low1364
AB1JFixed Single Op Low1364Yankee Clipper Contest Club
KB8WFixed Single Op Low1218
W8DMIFixed Single Op Low1204Ogemaw-Arenac ARS
W7KAMFixed Single Op Low1188Society of Midwest Contesters
KC9LVTFixed Single Op Low1148
KD8UDOFixed Single Op Low1080Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
KF3EBFixed Single Op Low1080
K9NWFixed Single Op Low1050Southwest Ohio Dx Association
KE8CTQFixed Single Op Low988
AC0EFixed Single Op Low782
K3RWNFixed Single Op Low777
W4HZDFixed Single Op Low748Tennessee Contest Group
NJ8JFixed Single Op Low736South East Contest Club
K1NDFixed Single Op Low726
K8RCTFixed Single Op Low720Cherryland Amateur Radio Club
KG2DWSFixed Single Op Low578Rochester (NY) DX Assn
K9WPVFixed Single Op Low567
AA8TAFixed Single Op Low476Delaware Amateur Radio Association
W1GHDFixed Single Op Low425
KB4DEFixed Single Op Low392
NW4WBFixed Single Op Low352
N7MZWFixed Single Op Low322Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado
W8PNFixed Single Op Low320West Park Radiops
NW5QFixed Single Op Low312DFW Contest Group
W2NRAFixed Single Op Low308
WB7CYOFixed Single Op Low304
K7RFWFixed Single Op Low304
VE3RCNFixed Single Op Low294Contest Club Ontario
K2CYEFixed Single Op Low264Frankford Radio Club
W0YJTFixed Single Op Low252
K4AKYFixed Single Op Low216
WA0LJMFixed Single Op Low160Minnesota Wireless Assn
W5TCBFixed Single Op Low150
WA7AXTFixed Single Op Low133
WZ0TFixed Single Op Low121
KW4LYFixed Single Op Low120
K7ULSFixed Single Op Low112
K6KQVFixed Single Op Low98Northern California Contest Club
N8OVIFixed Single Op Low88
KD8DEUFixed Single Op Low72Genessee County RC
KD4QMYFixed Single Op Low72South East Contest Club
KN4EWIFixed Single Op Low64
W8KNXFixed Single Op Low56
VA3NEDFixed Single Op Low48
W5LDRFixed Single Op Low48
KF3GFixed Single Op Low40
KD8UQNFixed Single Op Low36Ogemaw-Arenac ARS
K2HTFixed Single Op Low32
K5IXFixed Single Op Low32
W8KNOFixed Single Op Low28Mad River Radio Club
WZ6ZZFixed Single Op Low25
AB1ZQFixed Single Op Low25
KJ4KKDFixed Single Op Low9
N8HWVFixed Single Op Low8
KD8CSEFixed Single Op Low6
KE0JYJFixed Single Op Low4
KG7DABFixed Single Op Low4
W3YHFFixed Single Op Low0
KE0TTFixed Single Op QRP4608
K8AAXFixed Single Op QRP2640Michigan QRP Club
WB8RFBFixed Single Op QRP1750Society of Midwest Contesters
W4QOFixed Single Op QRP1742North Fulton Amateur Radio League
K8ZTFixed Single Op QRP1716Mad River Radio Club
VE3DQNFixed Single Op QRP336Contest Club Ontario
KI4MZCFixed Single Op QRP330
KY4KDFixed Single Op QRP49Kentucky Contest Group
K8MQPMulti Op Single-Xmtr180612Mad River Radio Club
W8RPMulti Op Single-Xmtr31200Arrow Communications Assn
W8PLPMulti Op Single-Xmtr26296Central Michigan ARC
W8USAMulti Op Single-Xmtr24455Michigan Amateur Radio Alliance
W8DCMulti Op Single-Xmtr21120
W8AWEMulti Op Single-Xmtr14784
N8ZIMulti Op Single-Xmtr10726
W8MMulti Op Single-Xmtr6216
W8ZHOMulti Op Single-Xmtr6075
WA3AANMulti Op Single-Xmtr4830Frankford Radio Club
N8YXRMulti Op Single-Xmtr966Mad River Radio Club
N1SOHMulti Op Single-Xmtr858Yankee Clipper Contest Club
N9LQMulti Op Single-Xmtr416Society of Midwest Contesters
KA8OMulti Op Multi-Xmtr261877Southeastern Michigan DX Assn
N8LCMulti Op Multi-Xmtr110522Lanse Creuse ARC
W8UMMulti Op Multi-Xmtr102544
K8ESQMulti Op Multi-Xmtr88276Southeastern Michigan DX Assn
W4CDAMulti Op Multi-Xmtr2272
K9IUMulti Op Multi-Xmtr10


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