2019 Michigan QSO Party Logs Received


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The scores shown on this page are raw numbers based on scoring of your log to the contest rules and may not accurately reflect your claimed score. For example, if your log uses non-standard location abbreviations (ex: OHIO instead of OH, or Kalamazoo instead of KZOO), these are not credited in the raw score calculation but may be credited in your final score as the result of log checking (the official log checking software is designed to be forgiving in this regard). Also, dupes are not removed from the raw scores shown on this page.

Number of logs received 288

Call Category Raw Score Club
K8UNSEOC58075Livonia Amateur Radio Club
NA8VFixed Single Op High195652Bay Area DXers
N8RYFixed Single Op High94540
K8AOFixed Single Op High74137Delta County Amateur Radio Society
KB8UFixed Single Op High55880Arrow Communications Assn
K8JTFixed Single Op High46291
WA8YFixed Single Op High38709Midland Amateur Radio Club
KX8DFixed Single Op High32398Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
KD8AUZFixed Single Op High24192Saginaw Valley ARA
KT8YFixed Single Op High23364Southeastern Michigan DX Assn
KD8VSQFixed Single Op High20504
K8RYUFixed Single Op High20400Marietta Amateur Radio Club
K8BZFixed Single Op High14175Bay Area DXers
K3WJVFixed Single Op High12993Frankford Radio Club
W3RGAFixed Single Op High11252Frankford Radio Club
KA6BIMFixed Single Op High8619Northern California Contest Club
KB8TYJFixed Single Op High8236
KU8EFixed Single Op High6486South East Contest Club
WA8KANFixed Single Op High6156
K4BAIFixed Single Op High4815South East Contest Club
N9NEFixed Single Op High4747
AA4DDFixed Single Op High3294
K0RJWFixed Single Op High3034Minnesota Wireless Assn
W9TCFixed Single Op High2847Society of Midwest Contesters
LY5WFixed Single Op High2800
NS2NFixed Single Op High2695
K4WWFixed Single Op High2340Kentucky Contest Group
N3KNFixed Single Op High2176Potomac Valley Radio Club
W6SXFixed Single Op High2144Northern California Contest Club
WD0BMSFixed Single Op High2040
K5IBFixed Single Op High1943
K1IBFixed Single Op High1680Yankee Clipper Contest Club
W2UDTFixed Single Op High1568
KF5MUFixed Single Op High1566
N4VVFixed Single Op High1564Tennessee Contest Group
N5KFFixed Single Op High1440Central Texas DX and Contest Club
WA3AANFixed Single Op High986Frankford Radio Club
NS9IFixed Single Op High690Northeast Wisconsin DX Assn
K1BZFixed Single Op High651Potomac Valley Radio Club
K8AJSFixed Single Op High598Wayne Amateur Radio Club
W2KUFixed Single Op High572
N1NNFixed Single Op High560
AA4CFFixed Single Op High532South East Contest Club
WB4HRLFixed Single Op High450Swamp Fox Contest Group
K4RUMFixed Single Op High432
W0BHFixed Single Op High416
DK2OYFixed Single Op High390Bavarian Contest Club
VE3KPFixed Single Op High390Contest Club Ontario
W3AKDFixed Single Op High364
N8BJQFixed Single Op High352
N2YGFixed Single Op High320
W8COPFixed Single Op High285Ogemaw-Arenac ARS
K6DAJFixed Single Op High160Northern California Contest Club
W8JRKFixed Single Op High140Michigan State University ARC
NS4XFixed Single Op High54Tennessee Contest Group
W2ARPFixed Single Op High32
VE2GTFixed Single Op High25NorDX Club
AK4VQFixed Single Op High20
WB8WKQFixed Single Op High15Mad River Radio Club
KF8MZFixed Single Op High9
KK4HFGFixed Single Op High9
K8BKMFixed Single Op Low104664Southeastern Michigan DX Assn
WA1UJUFixed Single Op Low77588
K8IRFixed Single Op Low74844Menominee & Marinette ARC
N8FYLFixed Single Op Low43848Lanse Creuse ARC
KE3KFixed Single Op Low38000Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
W8MSCFixed Single Op Low36670South Lyon Area ARC
N8SBEFixed Single Op Low35728Arrow Communications Assn
K8MMFixed Single Op Low35604Thumb Area Contesters
W8DWFixed Single Op Low33562Saginaw Valley ARA
WN8PFixed Single Op Low29636Bay Area DXers
NF8MFixed Single Op Low29498Michigan State University ARC
N8LJFixed Single Op Low27132Thumb Area Contesters
AD8BVFixed Single Op Low23564
N9CQXFixed Single Op Low19836Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
W8BUHFixed Single Op Low17064Ogemaw-Arenac ARS
WD8ZFixed Single Op Low15680
KB8TLFixed Single Op Low14300Livonia Amateur Radio Club
W8MFixed Single Op Low12920
WF5XFixed Single Op Low12726
KC0LNKFixed Single Op Low12508
W8DWLFixed Single Op Low11895Monroe County Radio Comm Assn
W9DCFixed Single Op Low10317
W8AWEFixed Single Op Low10251
K8WGAFixed Single Op Low10175
WB8TQZFixed Single Op Low8690
K8RGSFixed Single Op Low8680Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
W8FSMFixed Single Op Low7068
KE8INOFixed Single Op Low6588
W8RUFixed Single Op Low5472Mad River Radio Club
N8ARFixed Single Op Low5460South Lyon Area ARC
K8SIAFixed Single Op Low5460
K1ROFixed Single Op Low5418Yankee Clipper Contest Club
AC8ZTFixed Single Op Low5376
WN4AFPFixed Single Op Low4590South East Contest Club
K4YJFixed Single Op Low4557Southwest Ohio Dx Association
K8ODFixed Single Op Low4278
W4TMFixed Single Op Low4144South East Contest Club
WN8SFixed Single Op Low3984
K4VBMFixed Single Op Low3978
W8LHPFixed Single Op Low3740Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
N8NAFixed Single Op Low3360Frankford Radio Club
K8BDFixed Single Op Low3080Ogemaw-Arenac ARS
KB8WFixed Single Op Low3074
AC6ZMFixed Single Op Low3042Tennessee Contest Group
AE8MFixed Single Op Low2736
W4XKFixed Single Op Low2496Tennessee Contest Group
KM4FOFixed Single Op Low2400Kentucky Contest Group
NE4SFixed Single Op Low2340South East Contest Club
N8MMEFixed Single Op Low2337Genessee County RC
K0HNCFixed Single Op Low2241
KB6NUFixed Single Op Low2187Arrow Communications Assn
KC8YEJFixed Single Op Low2124Mad River Radio Club
W0YJTFixed Single Op Low2100
N8OVIFixed Single Op Low2088
WB8MIWFixed Single Op Low2024Grand Rapids Amateur Radio Association
N8KCFixed Single Op Low1998Utica Shelby Emergency Communications As
NU8MFixed Single Op Low1914Michigan State University ARC
KE8LUEFixed Single Op Low1820
AB8OUFixed Single Op Low1815Mad River Radio Club
W6GMTFixed Single Op Low1798Minnesota Wireless Assn
K8RDJFixed Single Op Low1768Utica Shelby Emergency Communications As
W2CVWFixed Single Op Low1748
KC2BBIFixed Single Op Low1740
K8GTFixed Single Op Low1628Livonia Amateur Radio Club
NA3VFixed Single Op Low1566
N8KBGFixed Single Op Low1564Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
KK4ADQFixed Single Op Low1440
W1ENDFixed Single Op Low1440Yankee Clipper Contest Club
AB8VSFixed Single Op Low1426Shiawassee Amateur Radio Association
WB9HFKFixed Single Op Low1420Society of Midwest Contesters
K0JPLFixed Single Op Low1386Mississippi Valley DX/Contest Club
W4MAAFixed Single Op Low1323Gwinnett ARS
W4CRPFixed Single Op Low1302
KN4YFixed Single Op Low1292
N2ZNFixed Single Op Low1288North Coast Contesters
VE3AQFixed Single Op Low1280Contest Club Ontario
K8TMKFixed Single Op Low1218Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
K9FNFixed Single Op Low1140
WO9BFixed Single Op Low1104West Allis RAC
NU4NFixed Single Op Low1081
K2BIOFixed Single Op Low1044
WA9LEYFixed Single Op Low1026Metro DX Club
K9WPVFixed Single Op Low1025
AC9QMFixed Single Op Low1014
KG9JPFixed Single Op Low1008Fox Cities ARC
K3YPFixed Single Op Low986
W8HHFixed Single Op Low972Marietta Amateur Radio Club
W7KAMFixed Single Op Low950Society of Midwest Contesters
W8KNOFixed Single Op Low925Portage County Amateur Radio Service
KM4IAJFixed Single Op Low880
W8DMIFixed Single Op Low814Ogemaw-Arenac ARS
N8EAFixed Single Op Low800Thumb Area Contesters
AC9BJFixed Single Op Low798
N8RBSFixed Single Op Low759Ogemaw-Arenac ARS
W4WHFFixed Single Op Low756
N4JAHFixed Single Op Low726
WA8ZBTFixed Single Op Low714DFW Contest Group
W8BZYFixed Single Op Low690
AI4ICFixed Single Op Low684
N3ATEFixed Single Op Low672
K8DGWFixed Single Op Low672
K8ERSFixed Single Op Low663South Lyon Area ARC
K4ZGBFixed Single Op Low660Alabama Contest Group
K4VIGFixed Single Op Low608
W8PNFixed Single Op Low600West Park Radiops
W1NNFixed Single Op Low600North Coast Contesters
KC4TEOFixed Single Op Low560Alabama Contest Group
W4SROFixed Single Op Low540
AC8WCFixed Single Op Low525
ND0TSFixed Single Op Low468
KN4MVZFixed Single Op Low468
N1SPFixed Single Op Low459
WC7QFixed Single Op Low416
KG2DWSFixed Single Op Low399Rochester (NY) DX Assn
K9JMFixed Single Op Low384Northern California Contest Club
K6BBQFixed Single Op Low368
KF4QFJFixed Single Op Low360
WN8YFixed Single Op Low345Tennessee Contest Group
N8AAFixed Single Op Low338
VA2RIOFixed Single Op Low315
AA8TAFixed Single Op Low312Delaware Amateur Radio Association
K7ZYVFixed Single Op Low312
N2UUFixed Single Op Low312Frankford Radio Club
WA8YVFFixed Single Op Low304
N7MZWFixed Single Op Low270Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado
K4TZFixed Single Op Low270Tennessee Contest Group
K2HTFixed Single Op Low260
K1MCPFixed Single Op Low255
KA9GDWFixed Single Op Low252
W2IOCFixed Single Op Low238
AB1EPFixed Single Op Low238
N0KOEFixed Single Op Low234
VE3RUAFixed Single Op Low225Contest Club Ontario
K0BAKFixed Single Op Low221Mt Airy VHF Radio Club
KD5ILAFixed Single Op Low210Fort Smith ARC
W2GFVFixed Single Op Low208
N8QXFixed Single Op Low208
KD8UQNFixed Single Op Low195Ogemaw-Arenac ARS
KB9SFixed Single Op Low180Society of Midwest Contesters
KD5JFixed Single Op Low168
KN4DXTFixed Single Op Low165
K8VTFixed Single Op Low160
W5WJNFixed Single Op Low160
KD4QMYFixed Single Op Low156South East Contest Club
KA2GQQFixed Single Op Low154
WA2JQZFixed Single Op Low150
AA0CWFixed Single Op Low144
K6KQVFixed Single Op Low135Northern California Contest Club
N3TGFixed Single Op Low128Sterling Park ARC
VE2NCGFixed Single Op Low126Contest Group du Quebec
NW5QFixed Single Op Low121DFW Contest Group
AE1TFixed Single Op Low120Yankee Clipper Contest Club
KD8UVNFixed Single Op Low110
AA7TVFixed Single Op Low108
KT4QFixed Single Op Low104Florida Contest Group
KU4FXFixed Single Op Low99
VE9RLWFixed Single Op Low81
W6SFIFixed Single Op Low81
KT4LSFixed Single Op Low80North Fulton Amateur Radio League
WA4TASFixed Single Op Low77
K0THFixed Single Op Low72
WZ6ZZFixed Single Op Low72
W4CHIFixed Single Op Low64
AC0EFixed Single Op Low60
KN4CQJFixed Single Op Low56
N8DXRFixed Single Op Low54Monroe County Radio Comm Assn
KG2EFixed Single Op Low49
KF5RUWFixed Single Op Low36
N3CDFFixed Single Op Low36
VE3PYJFixed Single Op Low25
N5PBPFixed Single Op Low25South Texas DX and Contest Club
KI4ABSFixed Single Op Low25
VA6RCNFixed Single Op Low24Contest Club Ontario
N8EVFixed Single Op Low24
KC5DCTFixed Single Op Low20
AB5XMFixed Single Op Low18
KF3GFixed Single Op Low18
W7GFFixed Single Op Low18
W1FSHFixed Single Op Low16
K7JKMFixed Single Op Low16
VE3FRFixed Single Op Low9Contest Club Ontario
W8TVOFixed Single Op Low4Utica Shelby Emergency Communications As
KB8VNDFixed Single Op Low4
N4FAFixed Single Op Low4
N4DLRFixed Single Op Low2
KD8SRQFixed Single Op Low2
VA6NJKFixed Single Op Low1
KD2OMVFixed Single Op Low1
VA3TYBFixed Single Op Low1
KD8GZEFixed Single Op Low0
N5MLDFixed Single Op Low0
KC2WUFFixed Single Op QRP1716
W4QOFixed Single Op QRP1470North Fulton Amateur Radio League
KE3VNFixed Single Op QRP1075
KE0TTFixed Single Op QRP468
KI8KRFixed Single Op QRP77Bay Area DXers
KE8FZXFixed Single Op QRP1Lanse Creuse ARC
K8MQPMulti Op Single-Xmtr170445Mad River Radio Club
W8RPMulti Op Single-Xmtr47234Arrow Communications Assn
W8SHMulti Op Single-Xmtr43359Michigan State University ARC
N8DCMulti Op Single-Xmtr38024
W8DCMulti Op Single-Xmtr8844Grand Rapids Amateur Radio Association
K1ZZMulti Op Single-Xmtr8478Michigan State University ARC
KC8PICMulti Op Single-Xmtr7847South Lyon Area ARC
W8VYMulti Op Single-Xmtr5390
W6OATMulti Op Single-Xmtr5117Western Washington DX Club
W8PLPMulti Op Single-Xmtr4532Central Michigan ARC
W8USAMulti Op Single-Xmtr3936Michigan Amateur Radio Alliance
W8MRMMulti Op Single-Xmtr2088Motor City Radio Club
W8KMulti Op Single-Xmtr1914
VE5MXMulti Op Single-Xmtr1672
N1SOHMulti Op Single-Xmtr1400Yankee Clipper Contest Club
WD7CRAMulti Op Single-Xmtr360
KC8PKYMulti Op Single-Xmtr304Society of Midwest Contesters
KE8DZAMulti Op Single-Xmtr4
W8UEMobile solo42575
W8WDWMobile solo1908Lowell ARC
N4SOXMobile solo36
K7MKL/VE3Mobile solo16Minnesota Wireless Assn
KM8CCMulti Op Multi-Xmtr240478
N8OLMulti Op Multi-Xmtr125652Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
W8UMMulti Op Multi-Xmtr84942University of Michigan Amateur Radio Clu
N8LCMulti Op Multi-Xmtr18407Lanse Creuse ARC
W8DFMulti Op Multi-Xmtr9782Southern Michigan Amateur Radio Society


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