2008 Michigan QSO Party

Emergency Operation Center Stations

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The Emergency Operation Center, or EOC, category is new to the MiQP in 2008.  It was inspired largely by the operations of the W8OAK team over the years at the Oakland County EOC, using MiQP as another opportunity to exercise their equipment and operators.

Prior to the contest, we weren't sure what the turnout would be for EOC stations.  We contacted the state EC to try to get the word out to the EOC stations.  In the end, four EOC stations were on the air in the 2008 MiQP.



QSOs Mults Score







 Oakland County ARPSC 






 Osceola County EOC






 Michigan State EOC

It's perhaps appropriate that the team which inspired the MiQP's EOC category is the first winner of it.  Leading that EOC charge in 2008 was The Oakland County ARPSC team at W8OAK.  This team had eleven operators, ran 100W but lost time at the start of the contest while finishing set up of several new antennas and their logging computers.  Their band breakdowns were 117/90/39 on 80M/40M/20M, mostly phone, and their best rate was 72 QSOs in the 01Z hour.  They managed to work 40 different Michigan counties, pretty good coverage from the standpoint of emergency preparedness.

The second place EOC station was sporting a special callsign: the team from Osceola County EOC signing K8O.  This team's band breakdowns were 122/24/2 on 80M/40M/20M, and were all on phone.  While this team worked fewer overall multipliers than the other two leaders, they clearly worked the most different Michigan counties, with 50 in their log.

The third place EOC station came from the Michigan State EOC in Ingham County.  Sporting a distinctive callsign, the team at WC8EOC were only QRV for the first six hours of the contest.  Their band breakdown was 11/60/1 on 80M/40M/20M, but over half of their QSOs were on CW in their 5:12 operating time which allowed them to accumulate a good overall multiplier.  However, in missing the last half of the contest, they largely missed out on 80M, and perhaps as a result they only logged 8 different Michigan counties.

The graph above shows the progress made by each of the top three EOC stations as the contest ran on.  All three stations tracked pretty closely for the first six hours, with WC8EOC in the lead, but when that station went QRT it allowed the other two to pull ahead.  Starting at the 00Z hour, the W8OAK team really turned up the rate, and walked away in the last four hours.

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