2008 Michigan QSO Party Photos

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After a last minute plea for photos just before this report went to publication, a bunch of people sent pictures - THANKS!  The best photos are scenes of the operator(s) in action at the rig(s), shots of antenna erection, or perhaps of the station itself.  The MiQP committee would like to encourage participants to submit photos of their MiQP operation.  The easiest way to do this is to attach photos along with your log submission, however photos can be received up until the beginning of July.  Please plan to submit some shots of your activity along with your log in 2009.


Marty, K8HVI at the daytime "al fresco" operating position for the N8PYN multi-op in Monroe County

Greg, N8GEO manning the rig at the nighttime indoors operating position at N8PYN


The scene at K8MQP, Washtenaw County:

(L to R) Tim, KE8OC on 40 SSB, Ken, W8MJ on 80/75 and Greg, K8GL on 40 CW


Closeup of Ken, W8MJ working 80CW/75SSB at K8MQP

K8GL again on 40 CW and Doug, N8NX on 20 at K8MQP


Dave, K8GVK from Ingham County

The photo above is of K9TM's dipole antennas at his portable location in Monroe county for the MiQP,  The upper antenna is a half-size G5RV dipole for 40/20 meters about 25' above the ground.  The lower antenna is an AI1H broadband dipole for 80CW/75SSB, about 5' below the G5RV.  Both antenna are supported with a single rope, which was tossed up into the tree by hand.  These two antennas were good enough to allow Tim to make almost 800 QSOs with just 100W.



Don, K8BB at the controls of K8BB/m

Steve, N8NM at the controls K8BB/m


Jim, K8MR at the controls of W3USA/m

Driver John, AC8E preparing to hit the road in W3USA/m


Jim, K8IR making QSOs from K8IR/m

N9NE/m Operating Position


Dave, N9FN Operating N9FN

Dave, K9FN Operating N9FN

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