2009 MiQP Results
Contest Report By Dave Pruett, K8CC  
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The ARRL declared 2009 to be the "Year of The State QSO Party" and Michigan did its part.  Despite challenges within the state brought on by the world-wide economic crisis and the potential impact on activity, 2009 turned out to be another successful year for the MiQP.   Logs received were up slightly (303 entries  vs. 300 last year).  Reported QSOs dropped slightly (39,042 vs. 41,666 last year) with 3,577 unique callsigns appearing in those logs.

The table below shows the breakdown of QSOs from the contest.  It reveals that for the first time, 80M passed 40M for the title of "most important MiQP band".  The increased activity on 80M appears to have pulled QSOs from 40M, particularly during daytime.  However, 20M (primarily a daytime band) bucked that trend, showing a small increase vs. 2008.  Activity on both 15M and 10M was virtually non-existent, the solution for which is a generous dose of sunspots and an increased emphasis on high band activity times in the future.

  80 40 20 15 10 total
CW 6359 7607 2645 2 3 16616 (-13%)
SSB 10323 8016 4079 4 4 22426 (-0.5%)
Total 16682 15623 6724 6 7 39042
Pct of total 43% 40% 17% 0.02% 0.02% -
vs. 2008 - 2.1% - 14% + 5% -43% - 37% -6.3%

One interesting observation from 2009 is that the total number of phone QSOs was essentially the same vs. 2008.  The drop in CW QSOs is certainly a disappointment for those of us who relish CW operating, and may be largely attributable to the drop in mobile activity this year, in itself likely attributable to the current low sunspot conditions and the economic malaise within the region.  It is interesting to note that all five MiQP bands had more reported QSOs on phone than CW in 2009, while in 2008 phone's advantage all came from 75M.    In the opinion of this author, this shift is evidence that the MiQP is continuing to attract newer hams (who may tend to operate primarily on phone).

For the first time in ten years, we regret to report that not all 83 MI counties were active during the contest, as no QSOs were reported with Benzie.  The five most active counties were Oakland, Washtenaw, Wayne, Lenawee and Kent.  These are the same five counties which were most active in 2008, except that Wayne and Kent swapped the 3rd and 5th positions from last year. The five least active counties were Cheboygan, Manistee, Oceana, Leelanau, and Benzie.  Cheboygan hasn't been too rare in recent years thanks to operations by the K8MQP team, but it's rarity jumps when they stay home.

From the out-of-state areas, QSOs were reported with 58 of the 64 geographic entities on CW, 60 of 64 on SSB and 60 of 64 overall.  These numbers are down slightly from last year, as no QSOs were reported with four entities: Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Yukon Territories.  The five most active out-of-state areas were Pennsylvania, California, Georgia, Florida,  and Ohio.  Most of these are repeats from 2008, but with California jumping from 5th to 2nd, and Georgia slipping in at #3 (bumping Minnesota).

County Activity

MiQP reached another milestone this year in that 51 counties were represented by fixed station operations (the previous high was 47).  Also worthy of note are the two Michigan counties that saw their first-ever recorded fixed station entries: N9FN operated by the two "FN Daves" (N9 and K9) from Allegan County (after knocking off Cass County last year), and KC8QZG, operated by Dave, 'QZG along with Paul, AB8LX and Sam, N8ATS from Luce County.  Our thanks to these stations for making their rare counties easily workable this year.  This leaves only two Michigan counties which have never had a fixed station MiQP entry reported: Ontonagon and Schoolcraft.


In the Michigan Multi-Operator/Multi-Transmitter category, station K8XXX set a new record of 726,525 points, bumping their existing record of 692,464 points set last year.    Be sure to read the multi-multi section of this report to learn more about this tremendous score. In the Michigan Multi-Operator/Single-transmitter category, the crew at K8EPV set a new record of 187,000 points, beating the old record set by W8PIF in 2005 by 71%.  In the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) category, the team at W8OAK almost tripled their old record set last year.  And in the realm of Michigan single-operators,  Ian, K8MM set a new QRP record at 96,480, beating his previous mark set just last year by 41%.

In addition, 38 new fixed station and 10 mobile records were set at the county level.    We congratulate all of the record setters for the effort they put into the 2009 MiQP.

Youth Activity

Again this year, we like to recognize activity by young hams during MiQP.  Below is a photo of the W8PIF operation from the station of Jim, KS8O in Menominee county.  Most of the operation was run by W9JTL and 4 youths ages 11 to 14 who Jim is sure became hooked on contesting. Several of the young ops are part of the Young Amateur Contest Ham Team (YACHT) (http://www.wd8dx.com/yacht.html or see the March issue of CQ magazine).  These new ops were appreciative of the patience shown to them during some of the contacts. A total of fifteen people participated. Brats and burgers were done on the grill by an 11 year old, Hunter (K8MBI) who is now designated their official chef for contests, but he is also a great contester. The group also had a VE session during MiQP with a successful upgrade to General and a new Tech license earned. They ran three rigs with N1MM logging software. Most of their QSOs were on phone, but Jim reports that by next year, a couple of the kids will be ready to work CW to bolster the score.

Tyler/KC9FKE, Hunter/K8MBI and Neil/KC9MLD at W8PIF


Once again, this editor would like to acknowledge that producing these MiQP results is not a one man show.  Our thanks go to Ron, W8RU who transcribed the 40+ paper logs received, to Mike, WD8S who manages the certificates and plaques for the MiQP awards program, and to Everett Jackson, WZ8P and the team at Franklin Printing in Zanesville, OH for their assistance in creating the beautiful MiQP plaques.

To volunteers like these, to the club newsletter editors who publish MiQP announcements, to MiQP Communications Manager Mark Hinkleman, NU8Z, to Michigan ARRL Section Manager Dale Williams, WA8EFK and Great Lakes Division Director Jim Weaver, K8JE who lend their support, and to the 3,577 stations that appeared in one or more MiQP logs, we say thanks for your continuing support of the Michigan QSO Party.

At the end of this report, youíll find a list of the MiQP plaques and the clubs and organizations that sponsored them.  The MiQP committee thanks these sponsors for their generous support of MiQP.

As these results are coming out in early August, donít forget to look for many familiar MiQP callsigns during the Ohio QSO Party, August 22-23, 2009, also sponsored by the Mad River Radio Club.  Come join in the fun!

And now, on to the results.