2013 Michigan QSO Party


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Good conditions, worked many rare counties - AC8JF  My best QSO party from the DX side ever. Special thanks to the mobile stations, they keep the contest fun throughout the full 12 hours  - DL2HBX  Always fun to make contact with my old home state, see you again next year - KRJW  Looking forward to next year. Thanks to all participants - KTC Too bad the bands sucked out here - K5ZG  Conditions for MIQP 2013 were amazing! Best rate I've managed for a any State QSO party! It probably was a good part due to KD8HNF's remote site at a high location with a hex beam for 20 thru 10 and a G5RV for 80 & 40. Of course, being the only fixed station in IONIa county was a BIG help! Thanks to Bob, KD8HNF for the loan of the site! And thanks to the organizers of MIQP - K6JSS (op. N8XX)  Our brief, part-time trip to activate three "unspoken for" counties started out well with eight QSOs in eight minutes from Alpena County, but then only two more in the next forty minutes. Felt weak on 40M, couldn't get anything going on 20M.  Running my usual HamStick setup, but for the first time on this particular vehicle.  Believed to have a grounding problem - K8CC/m  Good weather, good conditions, good activity - K8IR/m  Fun as usual. Couldn't get my laptop logging program to talk to the radio properly. Didn't hear Macomb County at all - K8IY  After our brief mobile trip during the day, and attending my niece's birthday party, I finished MiQP with a brief operating stint from home.  Every wire antenna I had was broken, so no 80M and only a yagi fixed west for 40M - K8MQP (op. K8CC)  My heavy power-line noise slowed things down, especially with the mobile signals. Conditions pretty good overall, I'd say perhaps a few less stations than last year, but still plenty to QSO. I wish more would QSY to 75/80M earlier for us close-in stations. MiQP a FB contest - K8RYU  MiQP portable QTH in Sanilac County - K8UO  Thanks for hosting the contest - KC0RNI   First time running QRP.  I was amazed how many calls I could make. The serial numbers got a little mixed up at one point. Glad I kept a paper log as well - KG8JK  There were many Michigan station on the bands which made the contest a lot of fun during the hour I was able to operate. Condx weren't that great as 40M was pretty long. Many thanks to the participants and organizers - KK4CIS  Got home from the city bowling tournament and operated CW the last few hours. I had a ball, even stayed up past my usual bedtime - KN4Y  Love the one day format. Wish we could have found stations on the other bands - KU8K  My fifth Michigan QSO Party - N1NN  Another fun 12 hours in the MiQP. Thanks to the sponsor and all the great activity - fixed and mobile.  The QSO leader for me was Jim/K8MR with 55 QSOs...I look forward to this one every year - N4PN  I enjoyed the contest with decent propagation.  Hope to improve my county total next year - N7QMT  We had three stations operating from the Port Crescent State Park camping area near Port Austin in Huron County - N8LC  WOW - another great contest.  I only had one computer crash that cost me 20 minutes.  Forgot to turn in my log by the deadline last year - but not this year! Thanks to all the portables and mobiles - N8TC  This was a great trip and contest. We had fresh snowfall at the start, which the sun quickly too care of.  40 was great to work MI stations. Didn't hold frequencies long on a run and had good luck searching and pouncing. I saw one other mobile rover at the Luce/Chippewa county line and had a nice chat with them. I would have liked to work more counties, but for my first real attempt at MiQP as a mobile entry, I'm very happy with the trip. Solo trip, 280 miles, 167 contacts, 52 multipliers, 3 DX, one tank of = one awesome trip - N8YP/m  I could only work this one for a limited time, but had fun anyway.  See you all next year - ND3R  Thanks for hearing my QRP station. Lots of fun - NQ2W  It was a hard decision, but I had to make a choice which one of four QSO parties on the same weekend I would "sacrifice". At last I decided to operate MiQP. I have not confirmed MI only 8 counties, while I am missing many counties from ND, SD AND NE. Of course I could not resist making some QSOs in MiQP.  I missed many MI counties as I was searching or made QSOs with mobile stations from ND, SD, NE - I made 96 QSOs with those states!
SD QSO Party:  37 QSO / 28 counties

ND QSO Party:  40 QSO / 23 counties

NE QSO Party:  19 QSO / 10 counties


MI QSO Party: 220 QSO / 69 counties
Congratulations to DL2HBX for a nice result and a new record.  Next year I will not deal with the ND, SD, and NE QSO parties to work MiQP hard and regain my record.
K8MR/m 45/25
K8IR/m 14/10
NE9U/m 8/7
W8CAR/m 8/7
W8ZZ/p 4/2
Thanks for the QSOs - 73, OM2VL

Tnx for the nice event - PG2AA  Rig: FT-2000, Power: 100 W; Antenna: DX-77A VERTICAL UP 70 M - RG5A  Lots happening this weekend.  Still found a few Mich stations. Thanks.  Rig was FTDX5000 (100W) and Butternut HF6V all-band vertical - W1END  Last year our final QSO was with W8CT. This year he was our first QSO - W8AWE  This was the first year that our newly branded club, Northern Lights (formerly the NOOBZ CONTEST CLUB) has truly started to become very active. A lot of excitement led up to Northern Lights taking part in MiQP.  We are an Elmer-based group that has a focus for bringing Technician licensees to discover other adventures that ham radio has to offer.  Because of this we had a mix of experience and novice when we came together fore our club's first multi-multi endeavor. For this reason, we had a speed bump at the start of the contest as we had kinks to work out. At start time, we were still hanging antennas and working out the glitches in the networking behavior of our logging software.  We also lost one laptop plus a spare so we had to take one of our three planned transmitters off line.  Throughout the contest, we continued to fight logger connectivity issues which caused us lost contact, RF getting into mic lines and local receiver RF overload problems.  Still, this was a highlight event for our group and everyone is already talking about how to do it better next time.  It seems our mission was accomplished - 73 and we'll see you in the next contest - W8CMN  Great time as always. Conditions were great! My score continues to improve. CU in 2014 - W8CUB (op. WB2REI)  Great contest - W8DW  Just had over an hour mobile to operate but at least I made a showing - W8FSM  Lots of set up on Friday paid off at noon on Saturday as we started on time without any logging software woes! We had five stations (2 each CW/phone and one spare floater) all under 100W to three G5RV dipoles, a G5RV Jr. dipole, a 20M vertical and an 80-10 dipole. The mid-to-late afternoon lull had us wondering if we had lost antennas or receivers!  Band-pass filters helped with inter-band receiver de-sense and antenna separation let us run concurrent phone and CW stations on 40M the entire contest. Thanks to all the mobiles for the rare ones and to everyone else for stopping by and giving us QSOs. Nice to work you all. 73 - W8OAK  Multi-Op, 100W, three stations, voice only - W8QN  Most of this was QRP, but I inadvertently made a few QSOs over 5W so submitted as low power - W8UE  I gave out my QSO number 12 twice by mistake.  Operating remote from Tokyo - WA6URY  My second time in the contest. I had a good time. I tried to improve my score by working more CW and taking fewer breaks. I accidentally skipped numbers 46 and 192-197 by mistake. I lost power for several minutes so was forced to take a break for 18 minutes, which I utilized to eat dinner. Band changes went pretty to very fast. 80M was dead until evening - WA8Y  Just dipoles, but had fun. Tnx for sponsoring - WB7CYO

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