Michigan QSO Party

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The following electronic files are useful for operating in the MiQP:


MiQP Information Packet (Rules, Logsheet, Summary, Mult Checklist, County Map)


MiQP Logsheet (2 pages)


MiQP Scoring Summary Sheet


MiQP Multiplier Checksheet


Michigan County Map


TRLog Logging Program Multiplier Files (tnx to Barry, K8BK)


NA Logging Program Files for In-State Stations to Add "DX" as a Multiplier and Combine Newfoundland and Labrador into a single province Newfoundland-Labrador

This .zip file contains two NA files:

The file MIQSONEW.ZIP must be unzipped then:

No other changes or update program version is necessary.


These files can be used with any NA program version including the free NADemo version which is available on this web site.


To use this scoring method, in-state stations should select the "w/DX" contest type on the program's "Log File Information" screen.



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