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MICHIGAN SCORES (Listed by Call, Score and County)


K8RO 71,145 Oakland Trophy  KB8GS 4,879 Macomb
N9AG/m8 61,710 27 Co's Plaque K8IFE 4,830 St. Clair
K8AQM 53,582 Lenawee Certificate W8KEA 4,046 Midland Multi-Op
W8PBO 51,558 Macomb Certificate WA8RNB 3,696 Oakland
K8KA 51,360 Oscoda Certificate WB8ZJL/8 3,675 Lapeer  
KD8I 50,298 Wayne Certificate N8ABW 3,564 Lenawee
K8DD 49,966 St. Clair Certificate WA8RSF 3,420 St. Clair  
WD8LCD 43,092 Lenawee KA8EEA 3,395 Monroe Certificate
WD8JFE 41,735 Ingham Certificate WA8VEB 3,304 Oakland
WB8AYW 38,376 Saginaw Certificate KM8F 2,716 Lenawee
W8YY 36,400 Houghton Multi-Op WA8BSF 2,635 Alcona Certificate
W8RNY 36,126 Macomb K8QLM 2,632 Macomb
AC8W 33,060 St. Clair KC8AS 2,133 Delta Certificate
K8JLB 30,217 St. Clair AA8K 2,100 St. Clair
W8URM 29,436 Lapeer Certificate N8CEN 1,378 Macomb
KA8IZO 27,930 Lenawee W8TWJ/m 1,176 Bay
W8MRM 26,532 Wayne KB8HS 1,080 Macomb
KJ8A 25,980 St. Clair KB8GL 800 St. Clair
N8CEO 22,866 Macomb KB8HW 782 Lenawee
AI8U 21,286 Saginaw KA8ALO 774 Lenawee
KA8HJG 20,460 St. Clair KN8WGX 752 St. Clair
KC8A 19,215 Lenawee N8CQA 744 St. Clair
WD8QVD 18,975 Oakland WA9YDI 680 Macomb
WD8LBH 18,788 Macomb K8MAJ 612 Macomb
WA8QAF 17,841 Macomb KA8EGT 558 Macomb
N8BIK 16,744 Clinton Certificate WD8NQP 540 St. Clair
N8BKO 16,328 St. Clair KA8JJK 480 Lenawee
AA8M/QRP 14,976 Ottawa Certificate KB8EU 440 Lenawee
N8BHA 14,701 Macomb KA8FFD 432 Lenawee
WB8ZJI 13,747 Macomb N8ASB 380 Lenawee
W8WVU 13,311 Lenawee N8ACL 290 Newaygo
KG8J 12,710 Tuscola Certificate W8GV 234 St. Clair
K8AYZ 10,794 Macomb WB8DUC 232 Lenawee
WA8SJX 10,620 Crawford Certificate K8BND 190 Oakland
W8ETH 9,750 Oakland WA8AAQ 108 Lenawee
WD8QOY 9,222 Bay Certificate K8ZQZ 104 Lenawee
W8YL 9,184 Lenawee N8CJX 72 St. Clair
KA8ALG 9,163 Lenawee W8KGK 63 Lenawee
KB8TR 8,832 Macomb K8WXW 63 Lenawee
WD8LBJ 8,164 Macomb WB8VBP 54 Lenawee
N8BTL 7,248 Macomb WD8LCE 45 Lenawee
K8KIR 6,384 Alger Trophy W8TWJ 40 Oakland
N8RW 6,336 Saginaw N8BUZ 20 Oakland
WB8ZFB 6,006 Ingham K8YZA/m 12 Lenawee
KD8F 5,715 Macomb KB8RH 6 Lenawee
KA8IZJ 5,032 Lenawee W8VSK/m 12 Co's



1. L'Anse Creuse Amateur Radio Club 338,744 Trophy (7th year)
2. Adrian Amateur Radio Club 197,260
3. Eastern Michigan Amateur Radio Club 192,138
4. Saginaw Valley Amateur Radio Association 78,708
5. Michigan Tech Amateur Radio Club 36,400
6. Motor City Radio Club 26,532
7. Greater Lansing DX Club 16,744
8. Midland Amateur Radio Club 4,046



What crummy conditions on Saturday!  Good thing Sunday was OK but I didn't think there were as many Michigan stations as usual but definitely more CW stations.  I still think this is one of the best contests I enter.  Our club sure looks forward to it - K8AQM, Adrian ARC  No propagation on Saturday; Sunday improved in the U.P.  One remark was "What state is Delta County in?"  Thanks for the nice contest - KC8AS  Conditions in the beginning were very bad, but did pick up.  My biggest surprise was when K8AQM said to me with less than two minutes left, "I can't believe it's a new multiplier!"  I thought he was going to be another dupe; it also was at that time that I was almost sure I was the only station operating in Tuscola County - KG8J  Manu thanks to N9AG who put all of those counties on the air with his mobile set-up.  If anybody ever gets bored with receiving 5/9 reports during contests, I highly recommend QRP operation.  My log shows every signal strength from S1 thru S9! 73 - AA8M  I put in only about ten hours this year - W8PBO  First time I sent in logs.  Nice friendly contest.  Sure thought Crawford County would be more needed seeing as there's only six of us - WA8SJX  ENjoyed the QSO Party but the long skip the first day made it more like a WAS Party.  Thanks for putting on the party and looking forward to next year's event - W8URM  On behalf of all EMARC participants, I'd like to thank you for your efforts in producing a fine contest - AC8W  The QSO Party is my favorite contest and it was good to hear a lot of activity, even though propagation was miserable at the beginning of the party.  Thanks for a great contest and we will see youi next year.  73 - W8YY (WB8DQR)


OUT OF STATE RESULTS (Listed by state, call and total QSO points)

Alabama WA4VEK 4 Certificate New Mexico WD5IOM 1,780 Certificate
Arizona WA7NXL 250 Certificate K5XY 3
AK7J 6    New York W2EZ 840 Certificate
Arkansas W5CZP 276 Certificate N Carolina WB5YMS/4 2,400 Certificate
California W6OUL 928 Certificate Ohio W3PYZ/8 5,092 Certificate
WA7YWX/6 119   W8DN 1,540
W6PRI 98   KA8IGM 234
Colorado N0CKC 250 Certificate K8BAR 36
Connecticut KA1CZF 460 Certificate Oklahoma N5AFV 112 Certificate
N1BDB 220   Oregon W7ULC 8,022 Certificate
Delaware W3DNP 364 Certificate Pennsylvania K3NB 10,720 Certificate
Georgia N4NX 11,972 Trophy S Dakota WA0NZA 4,033 Certificate
NA4J 3,375 WD0BMS 760
Illinois N9AUZ 11,421 Certificate Tennessee KQ4C 4,316 Certificate
N9BPE 820 KA4LRN 480
Indiana KB9QP 1,702 Certificate Texas N5QQ 3,729 Certificate
Iowa K9AYK/0 2,600 Certificate W5NR 462
KE0Y 1,602 W5VD 140
WA0VBW 854 QRP Utah N7BNC 162 Certificate
Kansas W0GXQ 4,590 Certificate Washington WA7JUJ 96 Certificate
N0CLV 40 W Virginia K8KVX 532 Certificate
Maryland W3QQR 2,376 Certificate WD8NHN 96
W3GN 600 WB8BMX 80
WA3EOP 224 Wisconsin K9GDF 2,268 Certificate
Massachusetts W1AQE 8,557 Certificate K9JIG 860
Missouri K0TBB 330 Certificate Wyoming KB8KW 1,406 Certificate
New Jersey W2XQ 2,622 Certificate Canada VE3BJK 3,168 Certificate
W2UAP 2,160 VE3BHZ 2,277
WB2HGI 276 Germany DL7UX 45 Certificate



As always a very nice QSO party.  If K0DEQ wasn't running around Arkansas this weekend, I would really have put my mind to chasing N9AG around Michigan.  I'm already looking forward to next year - W2EZ  Even though due to other commitments, I found only a little time to participate, I want to say thanks again for a fun contest.  This is my second year.  I looked forward to it and enjoyed getting in there when I could.  I must again compliment all Michigan operators for gentlemanly behavior - WB2HGI  One thing you learn during any QSO party is PATIENCE.  When you're using a Century 21 with 30 watts to a random wire you don't bang heads with the biggies, you wait in line till they're gone!  HI!  You people run a great contest and I had a pleasant time although my score is nothing to brag about.  My thanks to all who hung in there to give me a number.  Special thanks to W8VSK/m and N9AG/m8 for their mobile efforts and a "WELL DONE" to the contest committee - W2UAP  Where was W8MB? - W2XQ  There seemed to be much more activity than the other QSO parties.  Thanks for an exciting QSO party - WA3EOP  Band conditions were poor this year but activity wasn't.  A good contest.  Hope to be next year - K3NB  Where was 20 meters? - KQ4C  Really enjoyed this year's party.  Special thanks to N9AG/m8 for the many counties he provided.  See you again next year - NA4J  Thanks for a very good party.  I would have scored higher, but band conditions were not the best, HI - KA4LRN  Enjoyed party, but seemed few Michigan stations heard on 3.5, 7, 14 & 21 MHz.  More on SSB?  VHF?  Hope next party is better attended - W5NR  Great contest.  Many thanks to Scott, N9AG.  Keep up the good work.  73 - N5QQ  Hope better conditions next time - W6PRI  I enjoy QSO parties but didn't have time to operate this time.  Michigan has active QSO parties! - AK7J  Really enjoyed the small amount of time I was able to spend in the contest.  Plan to spend the weekend at it next year.  Keep up the good work.  I found the Michigan bits of information very interesting and a welcome change of pace from the routine contact exchange.  I am looking forward to next year's contest and intend to try for a tidbit of information from each voice contact I make - W8DN  Very nice contest.  Only wish I would have had more time to operate but had to get my tower up Sunday while I had the help, HI!  Had a ball, will be back next year, hopefully on eighty this time.  73 & thanks for the fun - KA8IGM  Need more novice activity - WD8NHN/N  ENjoyed the contest again this being my fifth year.  Much thanks to Scott, N9AG/m for giving out many rare counties.  You might pass this along to the SSB types that there are lots of multipliers waiting for them down the band.  See you all again next year - W3PYZ/8  I was surprised to see so many Michigan stations active.  I worked fifteen new counties leaving me with just fifteen for the entire state!  Hope conditions are better next year and I can be home both days - N9AUZ  I didn't get much air time in this one, 73 - KB9TI  It was a fun QSO party - especially with the little extra things thrown in, e.g. W8MAI (Mackinac Island), W8MB (club station) adn the Governors Achievement Award.  Hope to see you again next year - K9AYK/0  Thanks to Scott, N9AG for the mobile effort! - N0CKC  Lots of lightning storms in the Kansas City area all weekend.  See you next year - N0CLV  Fine QSO party - WA0NZA  Poor band conditions on fourty and a family picnic undid my plans to beat last year's total.  Maybe next year - KE0Y (ex. N0BNW)  I picked up three new counties so bsides having a little fun I also increased my county score.  Just need three more in Michigan to finish the state - VE3BHZ


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