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MICHIGAN SCORES (Listed by call, points and county)


KD8I 96,220 Wayne Trophy  Multi-Op WA8VEB 5,115 Oakland
W8PBO 95,455 Macomb Trophy KA8EGT 4,386 Macomb Multi-op
N9AG/m 92,040 31 counties Plaque N8ASB 3,828 Lenawee  
K8DD 87,465 St. Clair Certificate K8KIC 3,654 Lenawee
KN8R 85,425 Ingham Certificate WA8BSF 3,500 St. Clair  
K8AQM 78,965 Lenawee Certificate WD8OWA 3,267 Mackinac Certificate
AD8R 78,370 Lapeer Certificate WA8BSF/8 3,060 Alcona
AC8W 67,320 St. Clair KA8JJK 2,550 Lenawee
K8JLB 62,076 St. Clair   WD8OUM 2,387 St. Clair
W8SH 55,221 Ingham   KS8I 2,300 Lenawee
WD8LCD 52,650 Lenawee   KI8W 2,291 Clare Certificate
KJ8A 50,778 St. Clair KC8AS 2,200 Delta Certificate
KM8Y 50,235 Monroe Certificate WD8LFT 2,079 Sanilac Certificate
N8BKO 49,232 St. Clair WA8ARS 1,755 Lenawee
KA8HJG 48,124 St. Clair   N8CEN 1,430 Macomb
K9PHP 45,738 Oakland Certificate WD8CRY 1,406 Lenawee
W8MR 39,696 Macomb Multi-Op N8ACL 1,311 Newaygo Certificate
W8RNY 38,076 Macomb WD8LBJ 1,300 Macomb
KC8KQ 37,379 St. Clair KC8QC 1,188 Lenawee
KT8X 36,450 St. Clair KC8LL 1,120 Lenawee
W8URM 34,020 Lapeer K8ZQZ 1,068 Lenawee
KC8A 32,042 Lenawee KA8OUK 1,020 Macomb
WB8DUC 29,463 Lenawee N8BTL 1,000 Macomb
WB6NYR 29,078 St. Clair KN8WGX 931 St. Clair
N8CEO 27,010 Macomb KB8HS 864 Macomb
K8KQJ 21,840 Oakland   KA8PPW/N 777 Bay Certificate
W8WVU 20,648 Lenawee N8BHD 744 St. Clair
W8NJC/8 19,955 Montmorency Certificate K8ADF 735 Wayne
WD8QVD 19,182 Oakland N8DDT 636 Lenawee
WA3EYL/8 16,390 Isabella Certificate KA8KCJ 627 St. Clair
W8PNA 15,871 St. Clair N8DXP 528 Macomb
K8TU 15,022 Tuscola Certificate KA8AMX 459 St. Clair
K8KIR 14,300 Alger Trophy - UP N8DVO 377 Macomb
WB8ITB 13,995 Macomb   N8BRG 341 Macomb
N8CVC 13,145 Macomb N8BBM 338 Oakland
N8CJX 12,678 St. Clair   WD8LOW 333 Macomb
WB8ZJI 12,390 Alcona Certificate KA8FFD 286 Lenawee
KO8M 11,610 Mecosta Certificate KS8H 273 St. Clair
AC8Y 11,316 Alpena Certificate K8QLM 270 Macomb
KA8IZJ 10,458 Lenawee WA8RNB 220 Oakland
KB8HW 9,805 Lenawee K8EGG 210 Macomb
KG8F 9,280 Macomb   KI8Z 176 Van Buren
WA8QAF 8,541 Macomb KA8APN 168 St. Clair
N8DXS 8,352 Macomb W8IEC 104 Wayne
N8CQA 8,228 St. Clair QRP KA8ALO 100 Lenawee
KR8Q 8,151 Macomb WD8ITS 96 Oakland
K8IFE 7,567 St. Clair KB8TD 95 St. Clair
K8ICE 7,436 Kalamazoo Certificate WA8QPS 54 Lenawee
W8YL 6,764 Lenawee   W8KGK 34 Lenawee
K8OT 6,486 Saginaw Certificate KA8PIZ 32 Oakland
KB8GL 6,204 St. Clair KA8MSU 18 Lenawee
N8AOE/8 5,768 Oscoda Certificate N8DID 9 Lenawee
WD9INF/8 5,285 Lenawee W8VSK 5 Co's
WD8LBH 5,265 Macomb



1. Eastern Michigan Amateur Radio Club 573,914 Trophy
2. L'Anse Creuse Amateur Radio Club 389,115
3. Adrian Amateur Radio Club 360,735
4. Saginaw Valley Amateur Radio Association 33,895



A real pleasure to operate from Michigan for this very good QSO party. It is a thrill to have so many stations waiting for me to change counties and then to pounce when the time comes! This was the best of the three QSO Parties I have participated in; each year brings more activity and higher QSO numbers. I think that this is about the best a single-man mobile can do with current activity levels, but I hope to be able to prove myself wrong in an upcoming year, HI! The hospitality shown by the people along the way was heartening, and the scenery outstanding. Thanks again to the Oak PArk ARC and the contest coordinators for the fine job! - N9AG  Quite a contest this year. Sounded like a major ARRL contest on 40 meters. W8MB did an outstanding job and my compliments to the crew. I liked that idea nad hope to hear you fellows on again next year - K8AQM, Adrian ARC  Next year it should be called the Macomb and Lenawee QSO party, HI! At 1600Z May 15, I went to the hospital to bring home wife and new baby, but managed to get Delta county on the air now and then. Thanks for the fun weekend - already looking forward to next year - KC8AS  Seventy band/mode changes; 29 QSOs per hour; five dupes; wore out two band switches, one coax switch and two Pentel pencils! This was the best Michigan QSO Party ever - K8DD  Was a great contest. Was looking to a better show of Michigan counties though! Despite poor band conditions, made quite a few QSOs - WA3EYL/8  Thanks very much for your efforts in coordinating this thing. The work must be staggering. 73 - KD8I  This contest seems to get better each year. I enjoy chasing the mobiles, especially N9AG,  73 and hope to see you next year - K8KIR  Conditions were real lousy. Maybe next year I will be able to spend more time at it. 73 es BCNU - K8OT of SVARA  Allow more multipliers, I had over 110 but can only count 85. Vy Fine Business contest - KN8R  Thanks again for a nice contest - K8TU  See you next year - W8URM  As always, a great time was had by all. Thanks for your efforts - AC8W, EMARC  First contest in a long time. Had a lot of fun. Hope to get more operating time next year. Keep up the good work. 73 - KI8W  This is my first time in this contest - and I found it extremely enjoyable! Much more activity than I expected, even from our sometimes rare (?) county. Being a DXer, the highlight of the contest for me was being called by 3X1Z from Guinea. He stated that he called me because I was the only Michigan station that he heard working any of the DX stations and therefore he felt that I deserved the contact! - KM8Y  Sorry I did not have more time to get on.  Sounded like Van Buren County was popular - well, there is always next year. 73 - KI8Z



(Listed by state, call and total QSO points)

Alabama WA4VEK 4 Certificate NJ (cont) W2CC 45
Arizona W7ZMD 3,192 Certificate New Mexico KN5D 2,277 Certificate
AK7J 103 K5QQ 1,065
California N6MU 6,868 Certificate New York W2EZ 8,536 Certificate
WB6IYS 2,424 Ohio W3PYZ 17,136 Certificate
W6PRI 1,978 W8DN 4,898
Colorado N0CKC 5,548 Certificate Pennsylvania K3NB 21,315 Certificate
Connecticut W1GNR 13,416 Certificate WA3QNT 13,200
K1BV 1,360 W3ARK 3,024
KA1CZF 676 WA3JXW 960
Florida KF4W 840 Certificate N3AWS 602
WA4OML 184 WB3JGP 450
W2HAE 128 Rhode Island KA1SR 140 Certificate
WD4NYY 28 S Carolina K4BZD 854 Certificate
Georgia NA4J 9,216 Certificate Tennessee WD4SIG 1,220 Certificate
KI4Y 507 Texas N5QQ 9,900 Certificate
Illinois WA0AVL 8,697 Certificate W5PWG 8,018
WA9LEY 3,699 Virginia WA4EFE 18,003 Certificate
Indiana KB9QP 3,960 Certificate K4OD 6,020
Kansas N0CLV 2,714 Certificate K4AXF 360
KA0KAN 12 Washington W7DRA 308 Certificate
Kentucky N4FKF 176 Certificate Wisconsin K9GDF 4,960 Certificate
Maryland W3IEZ 915 Certificate WA9BZW 2,064
W3ICM 104 N9CYB 1,062
Massachusetts W1AQE 21,684 Trophy N9CLP/9 253
KA1CLV 1,911   Brazil PY1DBE 16 Certificate
AD1Z 828   Czechoslovakia OK1APV 240 Certificate
Nevada KC7HT 4 Certificate England G4HBI 364 Certificate
New Jersey W2UAP 5,056 Certificate Germany DL7UX 306 Certificate
WA2UDT 885



FB contest with many mobiles kept up interest. Hats off to N9AG, W8MB, K8MW & W8VSK. Hope to see you next year - W1AQE  Didn't find anyone on 10,15 or 80 - bad timing I guess! Sounds like W1AQE beat me again - KA1CLV  Still the best QSO party - good participation especially from the mobiles. Enjoyed it but guess will have to hit both CW and phone next time HI! 73 to all - W1GNR  Sorry I didn't work more, but I worked all I heard - AD1Z  As usual, a great QSO party. The organizers can be rightly justified in taking credit for a complete success! Credit should also be given to the many mobiles on CW. They did a great job - at one time it looked as if they would all meet in Kalamazoo County. I've got a lot of Michigan counties to work yet, so you'll see me for a long time yet! - W2EZ  The Michigan participation was good, propagation poor. Same old story, the stations will not spread out that the weak ones can be heard. They sit under the big guns and get clobbered every time; 21380 KHz is a suggestion not a prerequisite of the contest. CW activity needs a boost, perhaps five points per contact as an incentive - W2HAE  Lots of activity! Picked up five new counties - see you next year! - WA2UDT  I did not realize there was a contest on until about eight o'clock PM on Saturday evening. Seem to be lots of activity on 3.5 and 7 MHz. Glad to see so much enthusiasm from Michigan and looking forward to next year - WB3JGP  Good contest again this year. Many thanks to Scott, N9AG/m and the other mobiles. Nice touch having the club station, W8MB mobile. Those five point contacts really boost the score and many rare counties were available. My sixth year and enjoy it more every time - W3PYZ  The contest really lived up to it's reputation for activity. Special thanks to the mobiles N9AG, K8MW, W8VSK, W8MB and N8RE for many QSOs and new counties. Hope to see you again next year - K3NB  A very enjoyable QSO party. Had not planned to work in the contest, just wanted to pick up a few new counties. A lot of activity and your counties were well covered - WA3QNT  Had fun, worked all contacts with my Ten-Tec Argonaut 515 and a wave, balance fed doublet - K4AXF  To all who made the 1982 Michigan QSO Party possible, thanks for the my best QSO party ever. Special thanks to N9AG, W8MB, K8MW, N8RE and W8VSK. Only thing lacking was action from the Northern Peninsula. See you next year - WA4EFE  My best year for the Michigan QSO Party with only a vertical antenna. Hope to have my beam for next year.  See you then - NA4J  Not much of a showing here in this log, but I though I better send it in, at least for confirmation purposes. Was too involved in our own QSO party down here in Florida - WA4OML  Very nice party, hope to meet each of you again - KN5D  Had a great time! Got a new keyer and put it use - missed all Sunday afternoon with a picnic and a walk, but still enjoyed myself - K5QQ  You have one of the better state QSO parties. Thanks for sponsoring it - N5QQ  Enjoyed the contest and really appreciated getting several new counties - WB6IYS  A lot of fun in spite of another bad year for propagation. Did not hear any Upper Peninsula stations at all on twenty CW. I am ex-K8KQV, of Birmingham, Michigan and really enjoy working good ole Michigan from out west - W6PRI  Thank you for putting on a fun QSO party - AK7J  Thanks for a fun QSO party - W7ZMD  Mainly because of horrendous QRN and nice WX, my operating time was limited - WA9BZW  Enjoyed the contest from YL's house in Milwaukee - I have never worked Michigan from Chicago (home QTH). I live in a steel high rise! - N9CLP  The club stations and members working for clubs sure make it hard on us Southerners to work the northern half of the state. It looks like I might have to go portable in northern Indiana to get a better score. If I were lucky enough to defend last year's championship from Indiana, I will do next year and try for three in a row. I kept hearing an eight station portable Indiana that sounded like was making a race of it this year. See you next year - KB9QP  Enjoyed it! The mobile activity was great - N0CKC  Just started collecting counties, great way to get them. Only worked five stations last year, a lot more heard this year. See you next year - N0CLV  It is a pleasure listening to some Michigan boys and exchange report to participate in this agreeable QSO party. Regards to all people - PY1DBE  I enjoyed it very much except for the lack of propagation during the daytime. I had hoped to achieve a better score as conditions had been very good through the previous week and I was waiting for ten meters to open up, but as you will probably know it never happened. I really need 28 MHz propagation to do well. I did managed to top the out of state score in the 1980 Delaware QSO Party, so it can be done. I sent off for the Michigan Achievement Award to your state governor, so I am looking forward to that. As I was told, it is a very nice award. Well, I look forward to meeting you all next year with bit of luck and propagation. Very best of luck to you all - G4HBI


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