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MICHIGAN SCORES (Listed by Call, Score and County)


K8CC 109,055 Wayne Plaque M/O, M/T KN8I 2,511 St. Clair
KN8R 102,170 Clinton Plaque N8DVO 2,343 Macomb
AD8R 96,475 Lapeer Certificate K8IFE 2,028 St. Clair
KZ8K 93,075 St. Clair Plaque M/O N8DAV 2,016 St. Clair
KC8KQ 73,185 Lenawee Certificate KB8HW 1,980 Lenawee
K8DD 58,320 St. Clair   KA8IIN 1,755 Oakland
N8ERV 54,740 St. Clair   N8RW 1,700 Saginaw Certificate
KJ8A 46,050 St. Clair N8ACL 1,624 Newaygo Certificate
W8YY 45,440 Houghton Plaque UP K8UPE 1,560 St. Clair
KT8Y 39,192 Wayne   N8EWR 1,560 St. Clair  
AC8W 30,360 Lake Certificate W8GP 1,518 Oscoda Certificate
WB6NYR/8 29,464 St. Clair WB8GOY 1,480 Macomb
K8JM 29,212 Roscommon Certificate M/O WD8DWR 1,462 St. Clair
W8PNA 26,110 St. Clair KC8LL 1,392 Lenawee
KC8A 25,137 Lenawee   AA8L 1,296 St. Clair
N8DBI 22,576 St. Clair   N8BAR 1,242 St. Clair  
KD8BP 22,032 St. Clair   N8CEO 1,144 Macomb  
WB8ZJI 20,332 Alcona Certificate KC8AS 1,125 Delta Certificate
W8MRM 16,912 Wayne N8EXE 1,026 St. Clair
K8DU 15,022 Tuscola Certificate W8GV 722 St. Clair
KZ8I 14,580 Jackson Certificate WB8ODN 720 Leelanau
N8DXO 13,915 Macomb Certificate KB8HS 700 Macomb  
KB8GL 13,780 St. Clair W8TQE  588 Lenawee
KA8OUK 13,662 Macomb KS8I 585 Lenawee
W8PBO 13,416 Macomb KB8TD 570 St. Clair
W8YL 12,925 Lenawee   KA8JJK 570 Lenawee
WD8LBH 12,155 Macomb KA8AMX 490 St. Clair VHF
W8WVU 11,270 Lenawee   AC8W/m 416 5 Co's VHF
KB8RH 10,902 Lenawee KA8APM 378 St. Clair VHF
KG8F 10,074 Macomb   N8ERH 343 St. Clair
N8CQA 8,460 St. Clair KS8H 320 St. Clair VHF
W8PBO 7,697 Alger Certificate N8CTV 225 Sanilac
K8KIR 7,138 Alger   W8TBU 155 St. Clair
WA8BSF 6,929 St. Clair   N8EPM 112 Oakland
N8CVC 6,364 Macomb KC8QC 96 Lenawee
K8OOK/m 6,360 12 Co's Plaque WD8CRY 77 Lenawee
N8EOA 5,967 Macomb   KC8HP 75 Macomb
WA8BMG 5,782 Wexford Certificate KA8MSU 60 Lenawee
WD9INF 4,305 Lenawee   KA8KFK 51 St. Clair VHF
WD8QVD 3,640 Oakland Certificate NA8I 24 St. Clair VHF
KI8W 3,627 Clare Certificate KA8QJQ 20 St. Clair Novice
K8JLB 3,406 St. Clair   KA8APL 18 St. Clair Novice
WA8QAF 3,304 Macomb KZ8M 16 St. Clair
W8PCA 3,296 St. Clair WB8TVD - Mecosta Check Log
WD8LFT 3,293 Sanilac Certificate W8VSK - 8 Co's Checklog
N8AOE 2,987 St. Clair



1. Eastern Michigan Amateur Radio Club 515,922

Plaque 3rd straight year

2. L'Anse Creuse Amateur Radio Club 102,301
3. Motor City Radio Club 38,625
4. Adrian Amateur Radio Club 23,082
5. Saginaw Valley Amateur Radio Association 22,033



It's always a pleasure to participate in the Michigan QSO Party - KC8A  Thanks to you and the OPARC gang for another fun weekend, 73 - WB8GOY  Sorry I could not work you more often (W8MB/m) but could not copy you till you were on your way home. Hope to see you next year, 73 - K8KIR  I enjoyed the opportunity to work the contest from the UP this year - WD8LCD at W8YY (Michigan Tech ARC)  Had a lot of fun but never heard you (W8MB), 73 - K8OOK/m  As always, one of the best state QSO parties going. Thanks to you and all the members of OPARC for sponsoring this event. Generally good conditions and increased participation make it a fun time for all - AC8W  I had a good time even though TVI & equipment problems cut my operating time very short. Looking forward to next year's contest - KI8W  Sorry writing a bit ruff - most QSOs were in motion - W8VSK/m



Listed by state, call and total points

Arizona AK7J 63 Certificate New York W2EZ 2,700 Certificate
Colorado W9MHL 70 Certificate Pennsylvania K3NB 16,758 Plaque
Delaware N8NA/3 660 Certificate WA3JXW 4,692
Florida KF4W 728 Certificate W3ARK 3,699
K4DDB 510   W3HDH 2,496
Georgia NA4J 8,750 Certificate WA3UNX 1,392
K4BAM 966 KA3EJG 264
K4JRB 299 Tennessee KD4PP 60 Certificate
Illinois W9VEN 1,760 Certificate Texas AG5C 1,802 Certificate
W9QWM 1,120 W5NR 216
KB9TI 209 N5EYF 15
Iowa KE0Y 3,348 Certificate Virginia W4KMS 826 Certificate
K0HQE 660 KW4I 704
Kansas N0CLV 1,411 Certificate N4MM 630
K0KD 180 WA4PGM 252
Louisiana W5WG 3,657 Certificate W Virginia W8VEN 1,320 Certificate
Maryland NN3SI 108 Certificate Wisconsin K9GDF 1,444 Certificate
Massachusetts WA1UDH 5,508 Certificate N9DIJ 90
K1HO/mm 1,105   Wyoming WA8MAM 5,425 Certificate
Nevada WI4R/7 16 Certificate Canada VE3KK 5,664 Certificate
New Jersey WA2LBT 2,220 Certificate Japan JH3DPB 15 Certificate
WA2ASQ 1,848 W Germany DA1WD 65 Certificate
WA2UDT 1,071 DL7UX 12  



Just a note to say that I enjoyed the Michigan QSO Party very much. Wish I could have spent more time on the air, but was unable to because of my schedule on the ship. Still I enjoyed the contacts I was able to make. Did not hear one station on from Charlevoix County, my home county. The only questionable contact I made was my number 20 with W8PBO. First he was in Alger county in the UP, then (my number 27 the next day) he was in Macomb county near Detroit. He must have hopped a plane? Look forward to next QSO party for Michigan. My very best regards - K1HO/mm bear Bermuda  Thanks for the QSO party. CU next year, 73 - WA2ASQ  As always, the Michigan QSO Party is one of the best ones going. The participation by the Michigan stations is the highest of all the QSO parties that I work and I work them all. They are all to be commended for their fine turnout!!! - W2EZ  Worked four new counties! Lots of activity - wish I had more time to operate - WA2UDT  Thanks for a FB contest. Sorry I didn't have more time (3 hrs, 15 min) but enjoyed every minute. See you in October for the PA QSO Party - W3HDH  A real nice QSO party again this year. Hope to see you in the PA contest this year, 73 - WA3JXW  Activity was great again this year. A fun contest as usual. Thanks to the mobiles for many new counties. See you again next year, 73 - K3NB  The high level of activity made the event lively and enjoyable - NN3SI (W4KM at Smithsonian)  Good participation - wish I had more time to operate, 73 - WA3UNX  I was the contest chairman for the Virginia QSO Party. I can appreciate your efforts, believe me! Good contest you put on, 73 - KW4I  Propagation on 15 & 20 meters was really down from last year. Worked mostly 40 & 80 meters. Really missed N9AG. Hope he will be back next year - NA4J  Where was everybody up there? Must have been on 160 meters cuz I didn't hear many fols on 80, 40, 20, 15 or 10 meters. Take care and good to work you all, 73 - KF4WKA8GOM and N8ERV are real gentlemen & make ham radio a real pleasure! Tnx. How about this: I worked five stations & wound up working: A. 1x2, B. 2x2, C. 2x1, D. 2x3, E. 1x3. That's all the possible groups in the absolute minimum number of contacts! Interesting fact is that I hunted for all 8s I could find & just noticed this interesting result when filling out the log!! Do I get a special award for that (HI, HI)? - N5EYF  Enjoyed the party but not many Michigan stations heard here. Twenty meters was the only band much good. Forty and eighty meters were pretty well smothered in QRN; 21 MHz never opened at times I checked it. Anyhow, we'll keep trying and hope to see you all next time. 53rd year of "hamming it up" and going for at least60, HI - W5NR  The Michigan QSO Party is always an interesting operating program. Let me assure you that I don't envy the Michigan operators, the the number of QSOs in the neighborhood of one thousand, the job of working up the report for this QSO party - W5WG  MY first Michigan part from the other side, and I must say that things sure are different! I was hoping that I could break a hundred QSOs but I guess it was just not to be, I was somewhat disappointed with the level of activity on twenty meters. I did not hear many different stations on phone or CW. Were they there and pointing them beams to the southeast? I am not sure of the reason. Band conditions were also disappointing, fifteen meters was dead for most of the weekend and eighty meters doesn't begin to open up until 0300Z. I never realized it when I was operating from Michigan, but the contest periods definitely favor stations in the eastern time zone with regards to eighty meters. Never the less, I had fun working the contest from the other side and will try it again next year, which will hopefully be my last before returning to Michigan. Look for me from Houghton, or maybe portable Keweenaw in 1985! - WA8MAM  I hope that this qualifies me for a certificate for #1 in Illinois. Wish I could have had more time to be on for this FB contest - W9VEN  Another FB party. You seem to have a lot more stations on the air than most of the parties. Keep up the good work. As I have said two times before, see you next year - N0CLV  See you next year - K0KD  Very poor conditions so I only worked three stations. All stations signals were weak, but I tried HI HI - JH3DPB  Best QSO part of them all from a CW viewpoint. Conditions were very poor all day SUnday. Michigan stations scarcely heard but others coming in loud. As usual the mobiles gave us many extra points. Now 79 years old and a ham for 64 years, 73 - VE3KK (ex: GI2AUB, I1HXF, CT2AA, VE1MK & VE3CDK)

W8MB Activity Notes: The club station mobile and fixed made a total of 343 contacts from eleven different upper peninsula counties, starting from Houghton County Saturday and ending up in Oakland County late Sunday. Each contact with W8MB was work five points as the county changed. The club is planning on putting W8MB on wheel again for 1984 to activate more rare counties. Best 73 to all and Season's Greetings 0 K8ED, Contest Chairman of OPARC


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