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MICHIGAN SCORES (Listed by call, points and county)


K8OT 50,986 Saginaw Plaque KA8FQS 2,765 Ottawa Certificate
N8ERV 50,692 St. Clair Plaque KC8OH 2,475 Osceola Certificate M/O
W8YY 47,304 Houghton Plaque UP KA8UKU 2,142 St. Clair  
WD9INF 46,501 Lenawee Certificate NM8B 2,075 St. Clair  
K8DAC 40,044 Saginaw Certificate K8OOK 1,824 Kent  
WA8MAM 39,916 Keewenaw Certificate KA8UKO 1,805 St. Clair  
N8EOA 34,632 Macomb Certificate KB8TD 1,768 St. Clair
WB8NYR 33,356 St. Clair W8GV 1,595 St. Clair
AC8W 27,840 St. Clair   N8EXE 1,518 St. Clair  
NK8Q 27,714 Saginaw   N8BRG 1,512 Macomb
K8DD 26,640 St. Clair   WD8DWR 1,463 St. Clair  
KT8Y 26,400 Wayne Certificate N8CEO 1,450 Macomb
WD8QVD 23,400 Oakland Certificate W8PNA 1,431 St. Clair
W8VSK/m 10,548 10 Co's Plaque W8WVU/8 1,380 Jackson
W8PBO 16,579 Macomb (4 hrs) AA8L 1,364 St. Clair
KD8TM 15,555 Oakland   KA8APM 1,188 St. Clair
AD8R 15,000 Macomb   KC8AS 1,176 Delta Certificate
W8YL 14,288 Lenawee   W8WVU/8 1,140 Hillsdale
K8PG 13,950 St. Clair N8FVI 1,027 St. Clair
WA8BSF 13,680 St. Clair   WD8LFT 945 Sanilac
KA8POW 9,950 Lenawee   N8EWU 846 Oakland
W8URM 9,635 Lapeer Certificate WD8PQH 780 Macomb
N8GBX 8,950 St. Clair KA8MSU 735 Lenawee
WA8ZDT/m 7,068 6 Co's K8CQF 720 Saginaw
KI8W 6,660 Clare Certificate KD8LI 663 St. Clair
K8UPE 6,486 St. Clair   WB8ILV 528 St. Clair
NJ8M 6,475 St. Clair KA8AMX 416 St. Clair VHF
WA8VEB 6,120 Oakland   K8EPV 208 St. Clair QRP
WD8QBB 6,016 Midland Certificate KS8H 160 St. Clair VHF
N8CQA 5,136 St. Clair   N8GDW 138 St. Clair
W8WVU 4,818 Lenawee N8FYL 104 Oakland VHF
K8JM 4,653 Oakland   AC8W/m 40 3 Co's VHF
WD8LBH 4,520 Macomb   KA8AMX/m 40 3 Co's VHF
W8JRK 4,514 Ingham Certificate K8MAJ 24 Macomb
KA8ULB 3,950 St. Clair KA8UKW 18 St. Clair
KG8J 3,939 Tuscola Certificate N8GBX 9 Sanilac



1. Eastern Michigan Amateur Radio Club 233,308

Plaque 4th straight year

2. Saginaw Valley Amateur Radio Association 123,403
3. L'Anse Creuse Amateur Radio Club 89,967
4. Eastern Michigan Contest Club 56,451
5. Southeast Michigan Amateur Radio Association 22,528
6. Central Michigan Amateur Radio Club 4,514



Listed by state, call and total points

AR WB5RYB 462 Certificate NJ W2UAP 3,216 Certificate
CA N6MD 176 Certificate NY KA2AEV 11,271 Plaque
W6PRI 152 NC2T 1,037
CO W0IZV 798 Certificate PA KS3F 2,600 Certificate
CT WA1NCN 220 Certificate WA3JXW 308
DE KC3RY 690 Certificate W3HDH 260
FL WK4F 374 Certificate N3CZB 84
W8TWJ/4 133   TX W5NR 176 Certificate
IA K0HQE 700 Certificate WV WD8JYN 4,290 Certificate
KS W8KKM 1,308 Certificate W8VEN 420  
N0CLV 770 Canada VE1ASJ 4,536 Certificate
KY N4JIY 442 Certificate VE3KK 2,645
MD K3RXK 732 Certificate VE3BJK 1,404
MN WA0QIT 7,616 Certificate WB8EMV/VE3 612  
MO K0JPL 533 Certificate



Same sore as last year. See you next year - WA1NCN  Decided to try some SSB this year instead of CW only as in past years. Didn't do much good it's always a fun contest and always a pleasure meeting old friends again. Thanks for having me and hope to see you all next year - W2UAP  Another good QSO party, just like 1984. One of the best. See you in 1986 and this autumn's PA QSO Party - KS3F  Sorry not more time. Activity seemed good on CW, but no SSB at time I was on. 73 - W3HDH  Good contest, hope to see you next year again - WA3JXW  I really enjoyed the contest and picked up several new counties - KC3RY  I'm very sorry that I didn't have more time to spend on the QSO party. I only tried 20 meters, which didn't sound in great shape here. Didn't hear too many Michigan stations. Maybe I'll do better next year - W8TWJ/4 (OPARC mbr) - Michgian stations scarce here.  Hope next year's sees increased activity - W5NR  I enjoyed working the Michigan QSO Party again this year.  See you next year - WB5RYB  This Michigan native really enjoyed and I'm looking forward to fuller participation next year - N6MD  Propagation was really the pits! - W6PRI  It was a good contest for me and band conditions were great. Too bad more MI hams don't participate - N8EOA  Another fine party as usual. Though, is it my imagination for was the MI participation down a bit this year? It's nice to be operating from Michigan again. Thanks to the OPARC for the effort required to make the MI Party such a great success.  See you next year - WA8MAM  Not much time to go mobile this year and condx didn't make me to anxious. Maybe again next year I can get out mobile. CUL - K8OOK  Too bad propagation wasn't as good this year as last year. BCNU - NK8Q  Where were all the MI counties? - WD8QVD  Heard quite a few other Mich. stations but were too weak to QSO.  No response to Michigan calls - W8VSK/m  Had a great time this year. Set up Field Day style in the back of parent's motor home. I've been inactive for about 2 years. Great way to get back in! Hope to participate again next year. 73 - KI8W  As usual, a fun party. See you next year - N0CLV  Lots of fun, except had to close down each afternoon due to lightning - W0IZV  3 new counties for me. A tip of the hat to all, especially KA8JBK/Novice who I found on 40 & 80; N8CQA/QRP and W8VSK/m. Fun time, 73 - VE1ASJ  Where were all the counties? - VE3BJK  It was a very good QSO party considering that it started off so poorly for me when MI stations were not being heard at all. Nice to hear so many CW stations on. My friend Andy, VE1ASJ easily topped the Canadians as he is one of our top contesters. He is also CRRL QSL manager for CAnada, so is a busy man. HOpe to CU next year if I can make it to 82 years of age. 73 - VE3KK


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