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MICHIGAN SCORES (Listed by call, points and county)


W8SH 90,355 Ingham Plaque M/O WB8PLO 3,737 Midland
AC8W 68,680 St. Clair Plaque N8FVG 3,450 Macomb
N8EOA 56,784 Macomb Certificate KA8WVE 3,366 Wayne
WA8UQK/8 56,525 Benzie Certificate WD8LBH 2,660 Macomb  
AD8R 56,327 Macomb   KZ8I 2,380 Jackson Certificate
KT8Y 48,080 Wayne Certificate N8GWP 2,183 Oscoda Certificate
W8PBO 47,142 Macomb   KA8ZHI/n 1,980 St. Clair
K8DD/8 45,900 St. Joseph Certificate AA8L 1,827 St. Clair  
NA8I 45,645 St. Clair Certificate NM8X 1,794 St. Clair
K8JM 45,024 Roscommon Certificate N8GDW 1,785 St. Clair  
N8CQA 37,037 St. Clair   NK8Q/m 1,725 14 counties
WA8QAF 33,880 Oakland Certificate KA8APM 1,638 St. Clair
W8KKX 26,390 Lapeer Certificate W8GV 1,590 St. Clair
WD8QVD 22,791 Oakland   KC8AS 1,500 Delta Certificate
KO8M 22,536 Mecosta Certificate KA8AMX 1,392 St. Clair VHF
WD8PAF 21,666 Alger Plaque UP K8KIR/m 1,344 4 counties UP
WB8QFR 20,631 Crawford Certificate M/O N8ERH 1,302 St. Clair
WA8BMG 19,404 Wexford Certificate N8ERL 1,088 Saginaw
W8JRK 18,560 Ingham Certificate KG8F 1,000 Macomb
WA8BSF 19,404 St. Clair   NM8B 846 St. Clair
W8VSK/m 13,888 7 counties Plaque W8IDT 840 Sanilac
K8OT 12,760 Saginaw Certificate KA8UKW 686 St. Clair
WB8MDG 12,220 Oakland KA8UKU 650 St. Clair
N8BAR/m 10,944 12 counties W8WVU/8 448 Missaukee
W8WOJ 10,773 Midland Certificate KA8VSR/m 300 4 counties
N8GBX 10,360 St. Clair   N8EPM 234 Oakland  
WA8VEB 8,668 Oakland KA8KCO 205 St. Clair VHF
WD8DWR 6,751 St. Clair   N8CTV 165 Sanilac  
N8ERV 6,721 St. Clair   KD8RT 164 Sanilac VHF
N8EHV/p 5,952 3 counties   KA8APT 100 St. Clair  
KA8UKO 5,336 St. Clair KA8APY 57 Sanilac VHF
N8FIT 5,074 St. Clair   N8FYL 52 Oakland  
KD8LI 4,730 St. Clair   N8CEO 42 Macomb
KA8VDX 4,672 Sanilac Certificate WD8DWR/m 39 Sanilac
W8WVU 4,514 Lenawee KA8MSU 18 Missaukee
WA8IGG 4,004 Wayne   W8YL/8 18 Missaukee
W8YL 3,840 Lenawee   N8GBX/m 11 Sanilac



1. Eastern Michigan Amateur Radio Club 396,908

Plaque 5th straight year

2. L'Anse Creuse Amateur Radio Club 219,304
3. Michigan State University Amateur Radio Club 99,355
4. Southeast Michigan Amateur Radio Association 51,446
5. Saginaw Valley Amateur Radio Association 23,624
6. Central Michigan Amateur Radio Club 18,560



Listed by state, call and total points

AZ AK7J 108 Certificate NY NC2T 5,017 Certificate
CO N0FFZ 492 Certificate KA2PHQ 1,344
W0IZV 377 NM N5EPA 728 Certificate
CT KF1B 135 Certificate OH W8IQ 1,638 Certificate
FL WK4F 390 Certificate PA WA3KOI 3,975 Certificate
N4KB 184   KA3GXP 494
GA K4BAI 930 Certificate SC WB4CVH 104
W4JKG 440 TX W5NR 96 Certificate
W8CNL 418 VA N4MNS 3,100 Certificate
IL KA9BDK 1,056 Certificate K4OD 780
KS N0FMR 385 Certificate WV W3IJT 968 Certificate
KY K2UPD 7,308 Plaque WI K9JIG 88 Certificate
ME KT8X 682 Certificate Canada NM8X/VE3 2,600 Certificate
NJ WA2UDT 2,275 Certificate VE3KK 2,120
NG2T 1,178 VE3FEA/m 77
WA2LBT 396 VE3IHB 4  



Had a good time except for static crashes. Heard many rare counties (for me) work W8SH, KT8Y, W8PBO, etc. but never heard them again! - KA2PHQ  Nice contest, looking forward to next year. Lots of fun, I even had to work horizontally because of back surgery. 73 - NC2T  Entered contest in 1984 under old call KA2QGO. Glad to see activity on all five bands this time, since no Michigan stations were heard on 10/15/20 meters here two years ago. I was disappointed with 75 meters this time, only two contacts. I heard many stations on the band, but two heard me through the high QRN out there. Hope to do better next time - NG2T  Activity was good - wish I could have put in more time. QRN on 80 meters was rough! - WA2UDT  Many thanks for the FB QSO party. Plenty of activity from Michigan stations including mobiles and portables. Am only sorry that QRN caused me to miss many weaker stations. Congrats & CU agn next year! 73 - K2UPD  Broke my right elbow on April 20, so arm was in a splint and sling. I was using my straight key left handed! Armed Forces Day took up May 17. Hope to do better next year! Had fun anyway. 73 - KA3GXP  Propagation wasn't as good as it has been in the past, but I was glad to pass out W. Va contacts, and I worked three new counties for USA-CA. It was fun and I'll be back next year. 73 - W3IJT  Benzie County was one of the three MI counties I still need. WA8UQK says he is not OK in CallBook. His new address is 560 Walker St., Mt. Morris, MI 48458 - K4BAI  Enjoyed the QSO party.  See you in SC QSO Party. 73 - WB4CVH  I grew up in Whitehall, MI (Muskegon County) so had a good time looking for contacts. Will be back ext year with better antennas - N5EPA  Hope things improve and next year's party is more lively. CU then 73 - W5NR  As you can see by my wife's (N8EOA) logs, I didn't get the radio to operate much. In addition to her 670 plus contacts, she worked the neighbor's VCR, telephone, answering machine and a TV. 73 - N8CEO  Managed to improve last year's score by 4x. I was impressed with the general courtesy shown by most all stns participating. I look forward to next year! - W8JRK  My 1st time while HF mobile, had a ball - NK8Q  From this contest experience, I can see that I'll have to get some better antennas up at my new QTH to get he scores close to my old Macomb county location ones. Tnx. 73 - WA8QAF  Getting /8 cards printed up for Benzie County. See you next year - WA8UQK/8  Wx was not good for mobile work - all QSOs in motion on county type roads - W8VSK/m  I was not a serious contender - N0FFZ  I didn't get a chance to work as much as I would have liked to. But enjoyed what I did. 73 - N0FMR  Tnx for a pleasant weekend. The MI QSO Party is one of my favorites. I missed W*MB this year on CW and only logged one mobile. Hope to see you next year if I am still around at 83. 73 - VE3KK


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