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MICHIGAN SCORES (Listed by call, points and county)


AC8W 50,575 St. Clair Plaque K8LJG/8 4,248 Alcona Certificate
K8DU 48,450 Tuscola Certificate W8MRM 3,973 Wayne Certificate
N0DWR 47,345 Marquette Plaque M/O UP KA8AMX 3,648 St. Clair
WA8UQK/8 43,788 Benzie Certificate KC8KE 3,096 Ottawa Certificate
NR8S 33,150 Lapeer Certificate K8TU 3,094 Tuscola
W8VSK/m 30,177 18 Co's Plaque N8GWP 2,904 Oscoda Certificate
N8CQA 29,625 St. Clair Certificate N8ERL/am 2,546 VHF Plaque
KC8OH 27,000 Osceola Cert. M/O NW8G 2,196 Ottawa
W8PBO 26,000 Montmorency Cert. M/O WD8DWR 2,000 St. Clair
N8ERV 23,450 St. Clair   NM8Z 1,888 St. Clair
WA8BMG 22,244 Wexford Certificate KA8APM 1,700 St. Clair
KO8M 21,770 Mecosta Certificate W8WVU 1,680 Lenawee
AD8R 16,224 Macomb Certificate KC8AS 1,643 Delta Certificate
N8HTG 15,785 St. Clair   W8YL 1,026 Lenawee
K8DD 15,028 St. Clair   W8IDT 765 Sanilac
W8JRK 14,442 Ingham Certificate KA8MSU 420 Lenawee  
K8DAC/8 14,326 Arenac Certificate KD8LI 374 St. Clair VHF
N8ERL 13,970 Saginaw Certificate W8GV 260 St. Clair
NK8Q/m 11,088 15 Co's   KA8KCH 260 St. Clair
NT8V 10,972 St. Clair   N8ERV/m 155 4 Co's
KI8W 9,996 GrTraverse Certificate N8HXE 154 St. Clair
K8CT 9,699 Saginaw   KB8BFL 75 Macomb VHF
N8EOA 7,803  Macomb   KA8KCO 68 St. Clair VHF
WA8IGG/8 7,728 Otsego Certificate N8CSF 56 St. Clair
KA8VDX 6,972 Sanilac Certificate N8GBX 40 Sanilac
N8GBX 4,346 St. Clair   N8FIT 18 St. Clair VHF
AA8L 4,305 St. Clair   N8HPQ 14 St. Clair



1. Eastern Michigan Amateur Radio Club 396,908

Plaque 6th straight year

2. Saginaw Valley Amateur Radio Association 76,493
3. Southeast Michigan Amateur Radio Association 27,000
4. L'Anse Creuse Amateur Radio Club 26,000
5. Central Michigan Amateur Radio Club 14,442
6. Motor City Radio Club 3,973



Listed by state, call and total points

AZ AK7J 162 Certificate NJ WA2LBT 6,478 Certificate
CA W6PRI 105 Certificate K2PF 2,821
FL W8TWJ/4 91 Certificate NY NC2T 6,972 Certificate
WK4F 24   NC W4VP 7,421 Plaque
GA K4BAI 6,920 Certificate PA WA3QNT 3,813 Certificate
N4ODI 6   N3CZB 1,276
WB4WXE 1   KA3GXP 748
KY WA4VAP 143 Certificate WA3JXW 60
W4JBA 60 SD KD0EE 572 Certificate
MA KB1VL 6,080 Certificate VT AE1T 72 Certificate
ME KT8X/1 1,200 Certificate WV W8VEN 252 Certificate
MO K0YIP 4,590 Certificate Canada NM8X/VE3 5,010 Certificate
NF0Q/m 70   VE3KK 2,132
MT NZ7Q 2,700 Certificate KA8KCH/VE3 36
NV AE7K 90 Certificate DX JH4UYB 32 Certificate



Just wanted to document the few QSOs that I made. Perhaps I'll hear you folks again next year. 73 - AE1T  Where was everyone? SSB wimps?! - AE7K  Thank you for a good QSO party - AK7J  I am 22 years old and a medical university student. I like to work U.S. stations during the contest.  See you again next year - JH4UYB  Great contest! Thanks to W8VSK and NR9B for running numerous counties. 73 - K2PF  Sure tried - wish I had done better, but for a first state QSO party, I guess I did OK. Best part was the enjoyment. Hope to be in there again next year. 73 - K4ODI  It was good fun to try to get new counties...NR9B really moved around. Last year I had a broken right arm. This year, surgery on the left hand gave me a boxing glove to write with. Thanks to those who gave repeats on county names. CU next year! 73 - KA3GXP  Either conditions were down or activity was down but had a good time anyhow! Last two stations to call, NL7IY and GM3TMK made it worthwhile. CU next year - KI8W  Never have I worked so hard for so little. This is a far cry from last year's 56,000 points. Once again thanks for the work you put into this contest - N8EOA  I enjoyed it a great deal, especially working aeronautical mobile. Look for me next year - N8ERL  Had a lot of fun and a great weekend - NC2T  Fine business on the Michigan QSO Party. Worked while on the road, running errands, etc. Will try to be more active next year - NF0Q  Why is it that propagation deteriorates during MI QSO Party weekend? Same thing last year. Great QSO party. I'll try to operate from W8YY (Houghton) next year (depends on exam schedule). 73 - NK8Q/m  Severe QRN with storm in area & DX QRM on 20 meters.  Not much SSB activity heard at this end. Enjoyed it anyhow - NZ7Q  As usual a very good QSO party. Quite a good number of CW stations on this year. I wish that NR9B/m8 had been on longer. I only got him near the end and he was real good. It sure paid off sticking with him to the last minute as I got Ottawa County just a couple minutes before 0200Z. 73 - VE3KK  Nice contest, but ran out of stations to work. Waiting to see if K4BAI or the "2" station caught me! - W4VP  The band seemed to be in fairly miserable condition. Did a lot better with stations outside of Michigan - W8JRK  Sorry I didn't do better. At the beginning the woodpecker was on also heavy QRM. 73 - W8TWJ/4  The Michigan QSO Party is one of my favorite contests. Always look forward to it because it's the time we go north for a little vacation. I always find it a little difficult to compete against KWs and bears with my 20' high 80M dipole and 25' high 40 meter dipole, to say anything about competing against fast fingers, fast mikes and sharp ears.  73 - WA8IGG/8  What happened to short skip? - WA8UQK/8  Sorry - guess it's just a bad year! - WK4F


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