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MICHIGAN SCORES (Listed by call, points and county)


N8HTG 48,025 St. Clair Plaque M/O KA8AMX 3,683 St. Clair  
K8OT 44,880 Saginaw Plaque W8YL 3,360 Lenawee  
AC8W 41,410 St. Clair Certificate N8ERL/am 3,216 12 Co's Plaque VHF
WC8X 26,643 Wexford Cert. M/O N8EOA 2,580 Macomb  
AD8R 20,618 Macomb Certificate W8VSK/m 2,550 3 Co's
KO8M 19,992 Mecosta Certificate K8MKA 1,736 Oakland  
WD8S 18,830 Oakland Certificate KD8LI 1,456 St. Clair  
K8JM 18,525 Oakland   W8QOY/QRP 1,225 Ionia Certificate
WA8QAF 17,670 Oakland   K8KIR/QRP 1,116 Alger Certificate
K8DD/QRP 15,300 St. Clair Plaque QRP KA8KCH 1,064 St. Clair
N8BAR/m 12,880 8 Co's Plaque KA8UKO 969 St. Clair
W8MRM 12,320 Wayne Certificate N8GBX 931 St. Clair
N8CQA/QRP 12,188 St. Clair   N8JDA 702 St. Clair  
KA8VDX 11,200 Sanilac Certificate N8IJS 612 St. Clair
N8ERL 10,718 Saginaw   KC8AS 608 Delta
W8JRK 8,928 Ingham Certificate WA8OJR 310 St. Clair  
N8EHV 6,681 Roscommon Certificate KN8I 168 St. Clair  
N8CGY/QRP 5,568 Ogemaw Certificate KT8X/m 96 2 Co's
W8IDT 5,560 Sanilac   K8EPV 42 St. Clair
AK8I 5,292 Wayne   N8JJO 36 St. Clair
AA8L 4,484 St. Clair NT8V 36 St. Clair
W8WVU 4,256 Lenawee Certificate WA8YAN/m 36 St. Clair
WD8OWA 3,724 Mackinac Certificate



1. Eastern Michigan Amateur Radio Club 219,360

Plaque 7th straight year

2. Saginaw Valley Amateur Radio Association 78,806
3. Southeast Michigan Amateur Radio Association 23,812
4. Novi Area Radio Club 17,670
5. Motor City Radio Club 12,320
6. Michigan QRP Club 10,317
7. Central Michigan Amateur Radio Club 8,929



Listed by state, call and total points

AL WA4VEK 96 Certificate PA W3HDH 4,794 Certificate
CA W6PRI 44 Certificate N3RJ 1,722
IL WA9PQY 1,767 Certificate WB3IGS 1,617  
ND9X/QRP 960   W3UIU 374  
K9PNG/QRP 360   TN KV4F 5,145 Plaque
MA KB1VL 1,224 Certificate VT NG1G/QRP 1,088 Certificate
NJ KB2EAE 4 Certificate WI K9JIG 800 Certificate
NY W2DUN 462 Certificate Canada NM8X/VE3 4,050 Cert. QRP
OH KA8MFT 49 Certificate VE3KK 2,552
W8VUV 24 KA9IMX/VE3 16



Didn't do nearly as well as last year, but still and enjoyable contest. Conditions not too good. Low bands extremely noisy. Other contest activity took up much space. I heard W8MB this year though. I'll look for it again next year. Tnx - KB1VL  I enjoyed the party - condx not good! Happy to hard bands improving. Good luck to all. Hope to CU in the New York State QSO Party. Vy 73 - W2DUN  Good contest with big effort by most entrants, although turnout could be been better. Conditions on 40/80 on Sunday got progressively worse with S9 plus 20 dB noise by end of contest. See you next year. 73 - W3HDH  Thanks for the opportunity to work your QSO party...lots of activity, and 40 was in good shape until the storms moved in. I wonder if anyone worked all 83 Michigan counties? Hope to hear you in the PA QSO Party. Thanks again - WB3IGS  Always glad to help out in a QSO party - N3RJ  Had a business trip sked Sunday to see ball game at Pittsburgh, so was not able to finish party. However was paid to work Motor City Radio Club and 3 YL ops on 40 CW. 73 - W3UIU  FB QSO party - lots of participation. N8BAR/mobile in so many counties was great/exciting. CU again next year - KV4F  Tnx for MI QSO Party contact. I am ex-K8KQV from Birmingham, MI - W6PRI  It was wall to wall QRPers out there! - N8CGY  The contest was very enjoyable and I hope that band conditions are better next year. I hope to help out with those "rare" counties by going aeronautical mobile again next year - N8ERL  Thank you. I had fun - AK8I  Too bad the CQ-M contest was on at the same time. It forced a split allegiance! - W8JRK  Another great contest! Hopefully we'll have a better turnout from the Novi club next year! 73 - WA8QAF  Spend Friday & Saturday in Indianapolis at race time trials. Sunday WX ruined mobile operation - W8VSK  Pleased to have been in the Michigan QSO Party the short time allowed me.  God bless you. 73 - W8VUV  Think this is my sixth straight year operating portable from Wexford county. A fun contest! Good to have my son Paul to back me up this year. 80 and 40 sure folded Sunday night - WC8X (ex WA8BMG)  Enjoyed it - WA9PQY  Until the storm struck us it was a most enjoyable weekend, so thanks for a good QSO party. I wish there had been more mobiles but W8VSK helped out towards the end. I didn't hear W8MB anywhere but I was only on 3.5 & 7 MHz. Hope to see you next year. I'm only 84 years young now. 73 - VE3KK



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