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MICHIGAN SCORES (Listed by call, points and county)


NM8X 52,100 Sanilac Plaque M/O KA8AMX 2,600 St. Clair  
WD8O 47,871 Macomb Plaque KA8VDX 2,233 Sanilac Certificate
WA8SJX 38,475 Crawford Certificate W8IDT 1,820 Sanilac
AC8W 23,562 St. Clair Certificate WM8Y 752 Macomb  
WC8X 32,215 Wexford Cert. M/O K8CV 672 Oakland
N8CQA/QRP 20,405 St. Clair Plaque QRP N8HPQ 660 St. Clair  
N8HTG 17,344 St. Clair   W8YL 520 Lenawee  
K8JLB 11,376 St. Clair   N8EXE 396 St. Clair
KJ8A 7,314 St. Clair   N8FVI 306 St. Clair
N8BAR/m 6,536 11 Co's Plaque KA8APM 140 St. Clair
K8DD/QRP 6,090 St. Clair WR8F 112 Wayne
WA8QAF 5,800 Oakland Certificate KB8DCK 112 Oakland
N8FGB 5,796 St. Clair   WD8DWR 100 St. Clair  
AD8R 5,032 Macomb KA8KFK 92 St. Clair
W8RS 3,441 Oakland M/O KA8ZHM 39 St. Clair
W8WVU 2,886 Lenawee Certificate KB8HFC 16 Oakland  
N8EHV 2,700 Roscommon Certificate KA8YHA 1 St. Clair  



1. Eastern Michigan Amateur Radio Club 208,939

Plaque 8th straight year

2. Novi Area Radio Club 9,369
3. Motor City Radio Club 112



Listed by state, call and total points

FL AA4RV 333 Certificate TN KV4F 1,372 Plaque
GA K4BAI 287 Certificate VA N4THR 5 Certificate
PA WB3IGS 858 Certificate WI K9JIG 171 Certificate
KM3D 768            



Where were all the Michigan stations? Things started out fast, but after cycling through each band and mode, we ran out of Michigan stations. Always a pleasure to work your contest - my home state - WB3IGS  Great contest! Michigan hams are real operators. CU next year - KV4F  It was a lot of fun running this contest, and you can be sure that I'll be back next year, hopefully with better band conditions. Thanks again. 73 - WD8O  Fun running as a father and son team again this year. Forty meters in quite good shape both days plus some short openings on ten. My thanks to Paul, WD8H for his help. 73 - WC8X

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