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MICHIGAN SCORES (Listed by call, points and county)


NM8X 77,735 Sanilac Plaque M/O N8EA 2,024 Oakland  
AC8W 46,495 St. Clair Plaque KB8ISU 1,720 3 Co's  
K8JLB 34,992 St. Clair Certificate N8JJO 1,712 St. Clair
K8DD 33,465 St. Clair   W8YL 1,350 Lenawee  
WC8X 33,226 Wexford Cert. M/O VE3RIK/W8 1,188 4 Co's
AD8R 20,679 Macomb Certificate AA8L 1,160 St. Clair  
NT8V 20,216 St. Clair   N8MAK 1,150 Menominee  
N8CQA 18,512 St. Clair Plaque QRP WA7SKG 989 Marquette
W8RDI 14,196 Presque Is Cert. M/O N8LHV 924 St. Clair
N8FGB 11,536 Mecosta Certificate WA8YAN 693 St. Clair
K8JM 10,404 Oakland Certificate WM8Y 533 Macomb
WT8G 10,136 Oscoda Certificate WR8F 351 Wayne
WD8DWR 10,120 St. Clair   KB8GFW 320 3 Co's  
W8QGP 8,670 Hillsdale Certificate N8HAG 315 St. Clair
K8DAC 6,840 Saginaw Certificate KA8UKQ 310 St. Clair
W8WVU 6,732 Lenawee Certificate N8GSF 280 St. Clair  
KA8APM 5,460 St. Clair   KA8KCO 264 3 Co's  
K8CV 5,146 Oakland N8HPQ 220 St. Clair
KA8AMX 4,760 St. Clair   KB8INT 186 St. Clair
W8RUU 4,698 Presque Is   KA8YHA 185 St. Clair
K8OT 4,600 Saginaw   N8CEO 119 Livingston
KA8UKO 4,080 St. Clair   K8EPV 90   St. Clair  
N8EOA * 3,990 Livingston   WO8K 72   Wayne  
KB8GL 3,816 St. Clair   KA8KFK 60   St. Clair  
K8LJG 3,780 Iosco   KF8BJ 51   St. Clair  
W8VSK/m 3,340 7 Co's Plaque N8LMT 6   Sanilac  



1. Eastern Michigan Amateur Radio Club 333,396

Plaque 9th straight year

2. Novi Amateur Radio Club 18,966
3. Saginaw Valley Amateur Radio Association 11,440
4. Livingston Amateur Radio Club 4,109
5. Motor City Radio Club 351



* My wife, Virginia N8EOA is a silent key as of 8-1-90. Her favorite contest was the Michigan QSO Party. She tried to participate every year she was a ham - N8CEO  Note: A plaque will be awarded in her memory for the next contest. I enjoyed the QSO party. Could only mange three hours operating time. Keep up the good work! - K8JM  Sorry I couldn't operate longer - too many nieces & nephews graduating - K8OT  We had a great time this year and put Presque Isle County back into the contest!  Great contest - W8RDI (WA8QAF op.)  I happened across the contest by accident and thought I would join in. I usually don't do contests, but this one sounded like fun, especially since I appeared to be the only upper peninsula station on the air. Thanks for letting me join the fun. 73 - WA7SKG



Listed by state, call and total points

CA N6MU 510 Certificate PA N3GLK 980 Certificate
  W6PRI 6     N3RJ 976  
GA AB4LX 138 Certificate TX W5NR 60 Certificate
IL WA9PQY 5,805 Plaque WI WB9TNF 1,974 Certificate
MN WA2MNO 795 Certificate  Canada VE3KIU 4,860 Certificate
  W0NGB 720     VE3KK 3,384  
MO N0IZZ 36   Certificate    VE2AQP 513    
NJ KE2PF 868   Certificate    VE3RIK 87    
OH W8EAO 407   Certificate           
  W8PN 312              



Real nice contest. Couldn't find much activity other than St. Clair County - N3GLK  Even though band conditions were poor and my time limited, I enjoyed the run of activities. Always glad to help out! 73 - N3RJ  Wish I had more time - AB4LX  Not many Michigan stations heard down this way. Hope for better next year. 73 - W5NR  Very little activity and no mobiles! - N6MU  Very poor conditions this year. Hope next year is better - W6PRI  Nice contest! Plenty of activity. It did seem a little long for serious of of state participation. The Wisconsin and Illinois QSO parties run about 7 to 8 hours in one chunk. You might want to try that format next year as it works very well. I may try a mobile operation in your state next year. Look for us mobile in the Illinois QSO Party in October and Wisconsin next March. 73 - W9WI  Wx was too nice here to get serious, but I had a good time for the short time I was in the contest! - N0IZZ  Thanks for the party. These more casual contests certainly are more enjoyable than the big contests (even though I suffer through the big ones!). 73 - W0NGB  I really enjoyed this, my first Michigan QSO Party and I look forward to next year's contest. 73 - VE3KIU  This has been one of the best QSO parties I have ever been in. Lots of activity on both 40 and 80 meters. For me it was Dave, VE3KIU in Ottawa who kept ahead of me all the way, so I take my hat off to him for winning the Canadian section. This is the first time I have ever heard so many VEs in the contest. In 1978 VE3DAP and I tied for first place and you gave us both lovely trophies.  Now I am eighty-six so maybe this had been my last and best Michigan QSO Party. 73 - VE3KK


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