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MICHIGAN SCORES (Listed by call, points and county)


NM8X 47,515 Sanilac Plaque M/O N8LMT 1,716 Lapeer  
AC8W 35,445 St. Clair Plaque N8EXS 1,653 Tuscola Certificate
WC8X 31,280 Wexford Certificate N8LHV 1,170 St. Clair
W8SH 23,562 Ingham Certificate WB8ATZ 684 Oakland  
K8DD 21,978 St. Clair KA8YHA 522 St. Clair
W8JRK 16,124 Ingham KO8M/am 444 9 Co's  
K8PG 15,753 Alger Plaque-UP WR8F 420 Wayne  
N8FGB 13,585 Osceola Certificate N8GSF 341 St. Clair
N8CQA/QRP 10,449 St. Clair   N8LUV/m 288 8 Co's
W8VCF 9,744 Gratiot Certificate W8YL 160 Lenawee
KA8APM 9,120 St. Clair KF8BJ/QRP 154 St. Clair
W8RS 8,592 Oakland Certificate K8EPV 104 St. Clair
NT8V 7,045 St. Clair   N8NQS 96 Jackson  
AA8K 4,585 St. Clair WM8Y 40 Macomb
W8WVU 4,070 Lenawee Certificate KA8YHA 20 Lapeer
W8MRM 3,960 Wayne Certificate N8FGB/m 18 Lapeer  
WZ8C 3,813 Lapeer Certificate KB8GDI 18 St. Clair  
WD8QVD 3,645 Oakland KA8KCM 15 St. Clair
KC8BW/m 3,024 16 Co's Plaque KA8YHA 10 Sanilac
AD8R 2,275 Macomb Certificate KB8GDJ 8 St. Clair
N8MAK 1,988 Menominee Certificate



1. Eastern Michigan Amateur Radio Club 169,634

Plaque - N8EOA Memorial

2. Huron Amateur Radio Association 49,231
3. Motor City Radio Club 14,124
4. Novi Amateur Radio Club 8,592
5. Hazel Park Amateur Radio Club 684



I don't do many contests, just mainly the YLRL ones. I could only operate one day but I am sure glad I did. Living in Lapeer County made me feel like rare DX - HI! The guys were very nice and encouraging. I did not hear any other YLs except my mother WO8E! Looking forward to next year! 73 & tnx - WZ8C  Enjoyed the Michigan QSO Party as always. WIsh there was some way to wake up a few OMs in all of those counties not on the air. Glad to see W8SH on from Ingham County again - W8JRK  Sorry I did so poorly. The south came in and I began collecting grid squares rather than contest points. This is my first contest. Thank you - N8NQS  First Michigan QSO Party in eight years. Had lots of fun pulling teeth - HI. Look forward to next year - K8PG



Listed by state, call and total points

AR WB5RYB 363 Certificate NY WA3INC 128 Certificate
FL WA4HXZ 377 Certificate OH W8PN 432 Certificate
GA K4BAI 1,530 Certificate PA N3CZB 18 Certificate
IL K9WA 2,600 Plaque WI WB9TNF 1,403 Certificate
N9RO 950   Canada K8DD/VE3 11 Certificate
KY KM4FO 484 Certificate Belgium ON8WN 1 Certificate



I worked both Florida and Michigan QSO Parties - WA4HXZ  I had fun even with all the QRN we had from local thunderstorms. I am looking forward to next year's contest. Thanks for a good time - WB5RYB  Thanks for a great contest. Looking forward to next year when I can operate the entire event - N9RO  Thanks for an enjoyable QSO party. The activity was good and I hope to participate again next year - K9WA


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