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MICHIGAN SCORES (Listed by call, points and county)


K8DD 66,385 St. Clair Plaque N8SHZ 3,300 Berrien  
AC8W 53,210 St. Clair Certificate KA8AMX 2,926 St. Clair  
AA8AV 46,070 Oakland Certificate W8YNY 2,660 Iron Certificate
WC8X 39,528 Wexford Plaque-M/O K8CV 2,448 Oakland  
K8PG 35,334 Alger Plaque-UP WA8GDT 2,046 Macomb
WZ8C 34,164 Lapeer Certificate N8VEP 1,925 St. Clair  
KZ8E 29,400 Berrien Certificate KA8VDX 1,876 Sanilac  
KZ8X/p 29,070 9 Co's /p Certificate N8LHV 1,837 St. Clair
WA8QAF 28,050 G Traverse Certificate KD8LU 1,705 Ottawa Certificate
N8BAR/m 23,000 13 Co's /m Plaque NT8V 1,449 St. Clair
N8CQA/qrp 22,806 St. Clair Plaque-QRP WR8F 1,350 Wayne Certificate
N8FGB/p 13,230 5 Co's /p   WB8WKN 1,155 Houghton Certificate
NZ8G 12,960 Livingston Certificate W8YL 750 Lenawee  
WD8S 12,075 Oakland   KD8RT/m 684 3 Co's
KF8BJ 11,948 St. Clair   N8WOZ 648 St. Clair
W8PNA 9,216 St. Clair   WD8QVD 580 Oakland  
KF8IK 9,063 St. Clair   K8MAJ 513 Macomb  
K8QLK 8,748 Oakland N8RHQ 399 St. Clair
W8QGP 8,319 Hillsdale Certificate W8WMN 399 St. Clair
N8LMT 7,849 Sanilac Certificate KB8OEV 270 St. Clair
K8MKA 7,595 Oakland   KB8LQS 250 St. Clair
N8MAK 7,535 Menominee Certificate K8VFZ 240   St. Clair  
WT8G 7,168 Oscoda Certificate N8EHP 200   Lapeer/Tuscola  
KB8OAN 6,525 Oakland   N8SVI 180   St. Clair  
K8LJG/p 5,396 Alcona Certificate K8PEJ 170   Oakland  
VE3RIK/m8 4,896 6 Co's VHF Certificate N8XTO 155   St. Clair  
WB8QFR 4,280 Macomb Certificate N8YBW 126   Macomb  
WD8DON 4,160 Menominee   WA8OJR 92   St. Clair  
W8WVU 3,920 Lenawee Certificate N8XJM 60   St. Clair  
WG8U 3,520 Macomb   WB8ATZ 39   Oakland  
WB8SFF 3,441 Oakland   KB8LQS 30   Lapeer  



1. Eastern Michigan Amateur Radio Club 274,967

Plaque 10th straight year

2. Southeast Michigan DX Association 51,959
3. Blossomland Amateur Radio Association 32,700    
4. Adrian Amateur Radio Club 29,070    
5. L'Anse Creuse Amateur Radio Club 18,250    
6. Livingston Amateur Radio Klub (LARK) 12,960
7. Hazel Park Amateur Radio Club 12,114
8. Motor City Radio Club 1,350



It seems like there was plenty of activity for the party this year. Will look forward to next year - AA8AV  Tnx for a wonderful QSO party! I thoroughly enjoyed myself working new counties and meeting up with friends from previous years! Can't wait til next year! 73/88 - WZ8C  The wx was so nice that it was hard to stay in and work the contest. Should have mobiled I guess. A big thanks for all the mobiles, especially N8BAR who gave me 8 counties.  Thanks for hosting a super QSO party. I had loads of fun! Looking forward to next year. 73 - NZ8G  FUn contest! Looking forward to next year! 73 - N8LMT  Thanks for another fine contest. It was my first Michigan QSO Party. I didn't have a lot of time to work the contest, but had a lot of fun. 73 - KD8LU  Thank you for such a nice QSO party again. Wish there was more activity from the U.P. Not much competition up here, but from the L.P., lots and nice to work old friends. See you next year - K8PG  Nice contest and a lot more activity this year! - WA8QAF  I had lots of fun - WB8SFF  Lots of crack CW ops in Michigan! - W8YNY



Listed by state, call and total points

CT K8HVT 2,112 Certificate PA WT3H 9,416 Plaque
GA K4BAI 2,484 Certificate   WA3HAE 6,042 Certificate
IL KF9LI 1,530 Certificate   N3CZB 32  
IN AA9FG 4,560 Certificate  TX W5NR 2 Certificate
  NV9V 3,078   UT K6XO 420 Certificate
MN WA0WOV 1,725 Certificate  WV W8UFX 28  
NE K0OAL 48   Certificate  Canada VE3SYB 1,680   Certificate
NJ AE2N 60   Certificate    VE3RUK 222    
NY N2PTF 1,269   Certificate    VE3RIK/m 96    



Not much activity here on CW in NJ. Best I could do. 73 - AE2N  This is the most activity I've seen in about 5 or 6 years of working the Michigan QSO Party. The turn out of Michigan stations was great; mobiles N8BAR, KZ8X(p)and K8YZA were very patient in providing all those multipliers. I'm a former resident of Detroit and like to contact Michigan stations. Congrats to the Oak Park Club on the successful 1993 MI QSO Party. 73 - WT3H  At first I thought Michigan gave a party and no one came! Then the floodgates opened up!!! 73 - WA3HAE  If what I heard on 14 and 21 MHz were indicative, then south Texas is now in the black hole!! Sure hope conditions improve next year - W5NR  Enjoyed the contest. Sorry I could not be on the whole time. See you next year - K8HVT  It was a great contest. It was enjoyable. See you next year! - KF9LI  FB contest! 4 county mobiles, a railroad mobile and lots of participation - NV9V  I didn't break any records but enjoyed the challenge! Tnx. 73 - K0OAL  I have dabbled in contests before giving out points and working new counties but I have never entered a contest before. The limited hours and the relaxed pace of this contest made it very enjoyable - VE3SYB


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