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MICHIGAN SCORES (Listed by call, points and county)


AC8W 58,565 St. Clair Plaque KU8Y 1,975 Berrien  
W8SH 56,950 Ingham Plaque M/O WB8QFR 1,920 Macomb Certificate
N8TFR 54,160 Lapeer Certificate W8JBA 1,914 Berrien
KG8CO/p 44,200 8 Co's Cert. M/O N8XTO 1,848 St. Clair  
K8DD 38,380 St. Clair Certificate W8YL 1,817 Lenawee
N8CQA 34,720 St. Clair Plaque QRP N8AUU 1,596 Berrien  
WZ8C 28,938 Lapeer WD8PLE 1,500 Oakland Certificate
K8PG 22,144 Alger Plaque UP W8LRM 1,350 Berrien
N8SHZ 19,092 Berrien Certificate KB8NTG 1,260 St. Clair
KD8LU 14,668 Ottawa Certificate WB8SYA 1,134 Dickenson
WC8X 13,845 Wexford Certificate N8HTG 1,092 St. Clair
KF8UW 12,152 Berrien KX8D 819 Berrien
WD8MYN 8,280 Lenawee Certificate VE3RIK/W8 720 3 Co's  
W8WVU 6,880 Lenawee K8KIR 688 Alger
WA8RXI 6,195 Wayne Certificate N8JML 640 Berrien
N8LXQ/m 5,889 17 Co's Plaque N8EXE 603 St. Clair  
K8LJG 5,544 Genessee Certificate K8EPV 448 St. Clair  
N8WOZ 5,421 St. Clair W8YNY 440 Iron
K8JLB 5,358 St. Clair   KB8PFZ 330 St. Clair
K8JM/p 5,123 Alger   KA8WOW 170 Berrien
KF8BJ 4,585 St. Clair KB8QNB 165 St. Clair
W8MRM 4,494 Wayne M/O N8UKD 162 Dickenson
N8FGB/p 4,040 5 Co's K8VFZ 105 St. Clair
KA8AMX 3,146 St. Clair WB8PYQ 96 St. Clair
WA7SKG 2,183 Marquette Certificate N8RHQ 30 St. Clair
KB8JQC 1,998 St. Clair



1. Eastern Michigan Amateur Radio Club 177,388


2. Eastern Michigan Contest Club 168,713
3. Blossomland Amateur Radio Association 45,597
4. Southeast Michigan DX Association 7,044
5. Motor City Radio Club 4,494
6. L'Anse Creuse Amateur Radio Club 1,920



Thanks for a fun contest. It's the only time I run into some of these guys on the air. Looks like we are finally getting some activity from Lapeer County - FB! I should have spent more time on CW! 73/88 - WZ8C  Thank you for all your work with the MI QSO Party. I'm already looking forward to next year's contest. I'm not really a "heavy" contester, but I like the relaxed atmosphere of the MQP. Had a great time giving some of the stations a new multiplier too - KD8LU  Murphy came to visit twice. The VCO unlocked, fixed it then tuner went crazy - smoking inductor. CU in 95-always fun - K8PG  We all wish to thank the OPARC for sponsoring such a laid back contest that newcomers feel comfortable in participating! 73 - N8SHZ  Thank you for all your efforts in this contest. 73 - N8TFR  When I saw the MI QSO Party listed in May's CQ magazine, I decided to make it my first contest effort. I should have taken it as a bad sign when a cup of coffee spilled on page one of my log. The old Kenwood blew my only set of finals after 2 hours into calling CQ. Had to break out the one watt QRPer for a couple local contacts. See you next year. 73 - N8UKD



Listed by state, call and total points

AZ W7YS 589 Certificate PA WT3H 10,152 Plaque
CA W6NNV 128 Certificate K3WWP 2,550
GA K4BAI 3,080 Certificate WA3JXW 700  
WB4RUA 1,344   KE3FC 616  
IL N9STL 962 Certificate RI WA1OFT 52 Certificate
IN NV9V 5,192 Certificate SC W8CNL 3,120 Certificate
KX8D/m9 819 SD WB4UIC 234 Certificate
K9DIY 96 WA W7RGL 448 Certificate
LA W5HNS 240 Certificate WV KJ8J 2,820 Certificate
WB5TPW 182 WI K9QYC 1,118 Certificate
MN AK7J 740 Certificate Canada VE3ZTH 901 Certificate
NH K1BV 1,200 Certificate VA3TEE 658
NJ N2KJM 2,976 Certificate VE3RIK 128
NY N2PTF 1,960 Certificate LU LU6EF 258 Certificate
OH N8OAC 5,247 Certificate XE XE3LMV 36 Certificate



Although contacts were a bit scare on this beautiful weekend, compared to Mass QSO contacts, Michigan stations were very much in evidence! 73 - K1BV  Thanks for sponsoring test, will be more active in next one. 73 - WA1OFT  Many thanks - N2KJM  Had lots of fun in this contest. I beat my score of last year, and hope to win in N.Y. again! - N2PTF  Nice QSO party! 73 - WA3JXW  1994 MI QSO Party was the year of the "multiple county line" stations! About one third of my QSOs were provided by these remarkable MI hams. I'm sure there were more hams involved behind the scene to activate all these counties, and they didn't get to use their calls. Thanks to well organized stations, KG8CO, K8AQM, N8FGB and N8LXQ/m and their support crews for helping me put 47 Mich. counties in the log - WT3H  I enjoyed the contest very much, but I wish you would have separate awards for QRP and CW only operation - K3WWP  Multiple counties & QSOs seem pointless and artificial. Always a pleasure. 73 - K4BAI  If I just had not been required to spend some time with the inlaws, I'm sure records could have been set here. CU in the Texas QSO Party! - W5HNS  Sorry that I dad to go work on QSO party. CUL - WB5TPW  It was a fine QSO party. Problem was poor condx on both 20 & 40 and other bands were vy poor. Hope for better condx next time. 73 - W6NNV  Condx extremely poor out here - W7YS  Had a ton of fun! Found out that S.C. is scarce. 73 - W8CNL  I was confused about how your county line operators were to be counted. It is unusual to get multiple QSO credit as well as multiplier credit. 73 - KJ8J  I enjoy the MI QSO Party. This year I worked all that I heard. It seems that the RS(T) reports in QSO parties/contests are superfluous. I suggest that reports be removed from the exchange in these evnets. I was asked to repeat my call 3 times for one station and he gave me a 5/9 report! 73 es CU next year - K9DIY  Thanks for another fun contest! Lots of activity Saturday night, but everyone else was sleeping in at 1100 UTC Sunday - NV9V  It was very funny to enter the contest. I do hope to find more activity next year, particularly on the higher bands. Condx on 40/80 were bad for me due to very high QRN - LU6EF


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