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Michigan Club Competition




There were many aspects of the 1999 Michigan QSO Party that were different from previous years: a new sponsor, new rules, and a new contest period. As the participants readied their stations on April 17, 1999, they weren’t sure what to expect. What would activity levels be like? Who would their competition be? What strategies should they follow in light of the new rules? What power level to run? What will conditions be like?

It didn’t take long for most MQP participants to throw their strategies out the shack window. Shortly after the 16Z start, a solar event occurred which severely hampered propagation on all bands. The effects were worse the higher in frequency, so many participants unexpectedly found themselves having to QSY to 80M/75M as early as the second hour of the contest. 40M was severely affected for most of the daylight hours, recovering slowly by late afternoon but then going long by sunset. Some participants had brief periods of good results on 20M, but for the most part the higher bands were largely unusable due to the flare.

Nonetheless, the 1999 running of the MQP saw the bands filled with Michigan QSOs. A total of 109 logs were submitted, documenting over 7,000 QSOs with over 1400 different stations. A total of 107 county multipliers (47 on CW, 60 on SSB) were worked. There were four check logs.

The 1999 MQP participants logged QSOs with 65 of the 83 Michigan counties. For those of you planning a county expedition for MQP 2000, here are the counties that were missed:

Allegan, Cass, Delta, Dickenson, Gogebic, Iron, Lake, Luce, Manistee,

Mecosta, Newaygo, Oceana, Sanilac, Schoolcraft, St. Joseph and Tuscola

The score table entries shown below are: callsign, state/province, net QSOs, multipliers, score, power (Q < 5W, A < 150W, B < 1500W) and club name if affiliated with a Michigan club. Stations winning certificates or plaques are shown in red.


Single Operator

CW Only


WA8RXI   WAYN   70- 32-22400-Q

W8WVU    LENA   99- 44-17424-A

K8LJG/8  ALCO   72- 35-10080-B  Genesee County ARC  

K8CV     OAKL   41- 24- 9840-Q  Michigan QRP ARC

AB8DF    OAKL   27- 18- 4860-Q  Michigan QRP ARC

N8CQA    STCL   24- 16- 3840-Q  Eastern Michigan ARC

W8YL     LENA   35- 23- 3320-A

KC8GTA   LENA   15-  8-  480-A

QRP proved to be the popular power level for CW-only entries. Rick, WA8RXI keyed his five watter past Al, W8WVU (running all of 75 watts input) for the win. Rick made almost all of his QSOs on 40M, primarily during daylight hours, while Al made slightly more than half of his QSOs on 80M. John, K8LJG operating portable in Alcona County took third place.


W9PNE    IL     38- 24- 9120-Q

VA3RJ    ON     35- 20- 2800-A

W6TOY    MD     16- 12- 1920-Q  

N4CW     NC     22- 17- 1496-Q  

AA9PB    WI     14- 10- 1400-A

AA9KH    IL     14-  9- 1260-Q

W4ZPR    VA     14- 13-  728-A

K3WWP    PA      7-  6-  420-Q



A similar battle took place amongst the out-state CW enthusiasts. Brice, W9PNE took good advantage of the QRP power multiplier to outdistance Dave, VA3RJ for first spot. 2/3 of Brice’s QSOs were on 40M in the daytime. Another QRPer, Bruce, W6TOY took third place.


Phone Only


KG8OU    STCL  284- 62-17608-B  Eastern Michigan ARC

N8WTH    CLIN  136- 54-14688-A  Central Michigan ARC

WD8DJB   EATO   74- 43- 6364-A  

KE8ZC    ALPE   48- 33- 3168-A  

N8WK     GRTR   36- 25- 1800-A  Cherryland ARC

KK8G     OAKL   33- 22- 1452-A

K8MKA    MENO   17- 11-  374-A

QRP was not so popular on SSB, where a little more power is needed to break through the QRM. Among the microphone crowd, Paul, KG8OU powered his way to a close win over Dave, N8WTH. Paul’s score proves there’s no meters like 40M, accounting for 83% of his QSOs, while Dave’s log was almost evenly split between 80M and 40M. Another Dave, WD8DJB finished in third place.


N7JXS    AZ     12- 10-  120-B

Not much to say about the out-state phone-only entries. Walt, N7JXS dominated the category…


Mixed Mode


NU8Z     LENA  302-107-95444-A  Mad River Radio Club

KT8X     WASH  540-132-93060-B  Eastern Michigan ARC

N8KR     OAKL  230- 92-51520-A  Mad River Radio Club

K8MM     AREN  176- 76-49096-A  Thumb Area Contesters

K8JM     LAPE  303-104-46488-B  Mad River Radio Club

K8RO     OAKL  167- 84-44688-A

K8IR     MENO  174- 70-42000-A

K8AQM    LENA   79- 50-35250-Q

AA4R     BENZ  379- 88-33880-B

K8EO     GLAD   99- 64-15360-A

KC8GMT   MACO   87- 49-14700-A

AA8SN    GRTR   64- 45- 7020-A

W8QM     SAGI   59- 30- 6780-A

Perhaps the most interesting battle of the contest developed in the mixed-mode, in-state category. In a very close battle pitting the 100W David versus the 1500W Goliath, Mark, NU8Z pulled out a win over Dennis, KT8X for the highest score recorded in the 1999 MQP. Both stations had similar antenna setups (tribanders/wires), but Mark offset Dennis’ edge in multipliers with a higher percentage of CW QSOs. Third place goes to Ken, N8KR.


WA3HAE   PA    162- 91-42770-A

K0SN     WI     81- 44-29040-Q

N0AC     IA    139- 66-25476-A

N9PQU    WI    101- 43-11696-A

N2CU     NY     78- 47-11468-A

VE3KZ    ON    120- 57- 9576-B

W2WC     NY     58- 39- 7878-A

W1TO     MA     59- 39- 7488-A

VE3WZ    ON     54- 39- 6786-A

W3HDH    PA     78- 50- 5650-B

K7QQ     WA     74- 41- 4223-B

VA3IX    ON     47- 29- 3886-A

K9JWI    IN     38- 26- 3380-A

W4NTI    OH     36- 29- 3248-A

K4BAI    GA     40- 27- 1971-B

KE0FT    IA     24- 19- 1672-A

W4WS     NC     16- 15-  720-A

K4WW     KY     19- 18-  468-B

WB2JAF   MS     10-  7-  133-B

W5NR     TX      9-  7-   77-B

Among the out-state entries, it was Keith, WA3HAE who was the class of the field this time. Keith’s score could serve as a textbook on how to win a QSO party from out-state – a good balance of CW to SSB QSOs, a relentless pursuit of the mobiles, and working 91 of the 107 available county multipliers. Tom, KØSN piloted his QRP rig into the second spot, ahead of Bill, NØAC who appeared to be Keith’s main competition before falling to a shortage of multipliers.


Multi Operator

K8DD     STCL  458-133-81263-B  Eastern Michigan ARC

(ops. K8DD,AC8W,W8XI,KB8WMW)


W8HP/8   HURO  196- 74-48544-A  Hazel Park ARC

(ops. WD8S,K8JV,K8GT)


KX8LL    WEXF  174- 75-36150-A  Cherryland ARC

(ops. KX8LL,K8WZS)


W8YY     HOUG  149- 76-28728-A  MI Tech University ARC


K8DAC    SAGI  143- 56-16016-A



W8MRM    WAYN   62- 36- 7992-A  Motor City RC


In the multi-operator class, the crew at K8DD took full advantage of the rules and deployed multiple high power radios to grab the win. With multiple rigs they were able to stay on the high bands, working lots of western stations to compile the highest multiplier count of the contest. The W8HP/8 team went portable in Huron County, fighting rig and logging computer problems while grabbing second place over the two-man crew at KX8LL.



K8CC   25 ctys 459-341-24234-A  (ops. K8CC,W8MJ)




K9TM    7 ctys 124- 87- 4274-A



NW8W   14 ctys  71- 68-  896-A  (ops. NW8W,N8FYL)


In the mobile category, the team of Dave, K8CC and Ken, W8MJ overwhelmed the competition with a computer-generated, 25-county odyssey, which began in Gladwin County, circled across the upper part of the Lower Peninsula and finished 600+ miles later in Oakland County. The team utilized an on-board GPS system and mapping computer to keep from getting lost. In second place was Tim, K9TM whose route was cut short after seven counties due to RFI problems with his vehicle, and the difficulty of making QSOs solo. In third was a team of Don, NW8W and John, N8FYL whose activity from fourteen counties filled in a lot of mode-counties for MQP participants.


Michigan Club Competition


The following clubs were credited with scores from one or more MQP entries:

Club Name


Total Points

Eastern Michigan ARC



Cherryland ARC



Hazel Park ARC



Bay Area Wireless Association



Thumb Area Contesters



MI Tech University ARC



Saginaw Valley ARA



L’Anse Creuse ARC



Michigan QRP ARC



Central Michigan ARC



Genesee County ARC



Motor City Radio Club



Blossomland ARA




Check Logs

The following logs were classified as check logs: AA8PI, W2UDT, WA8BIJ, and WU8C



The following plaques are awarded for performance in the Michigan QSO Party:


High Score - Michigan Single Operator - Lower Peninsula

Sponsored by the Hazel Park ARC
Mark Hinkleman, NU8Z


High Score - Michigan Single Operator - Upper Peninsula

Sponsored by the Eastern Michigan ARC
James Callow, K8IR


High Score - Michigan Multi-Operator

Sponsored by the Washtenaw Amateur Radio Transmitting Society
Station K8DD, operators AC8W, K8DD, KB8WMW and W8XI


High Score - Michigan Mobile

Sponsored by the Eastern Michigan Contest Club
Station K8CC, operators K8CC and W8MJ


High Score - Michigan Club

Sponsored by the Mad River Radio Club
Eastern Michigan Amateur Radio Club


High Score - Overall QRP

Sponsored by the Michigan QRP Club
Ted Rachwal, K8AQM


High Score - Out of State

Sponsored by Dave Pruett, K8CC
Keith Pederson, WA3HAE

In addition, the top five finishers in each of the single op categories (CW-only, SSB-only, and Mixed Mode) for both in-state and out-state entries will receive certificates of accomplishment. These winners are shown in red in the score listings.



With my wire antennas & poor propagation, could not hear anything on 15 & 10 – AA4R. The bands were dead here the first couple of hours, but got better. First time I worked the contest. Had a ball! – AA8PI. Band conditions were very poor – 20 meters was a big disappointment – AB8DF. What Happened to the BANDS??? Oh well next year – K7QQ. The best comment of the weekend came when W8MJ declared, "What a great way to spend a day – we get to drive through all of this wonderful scenery, and operate CW too!" – K8CC/m. I even made some contacts Sunday until KC8GMT told me it was over! – K8CV. Condx were really bad for the first half, but came around just before dusk. We were multi op, so numbered QSOs by band - caused some confusion when we finally got to 80 Meters with our real low numbers there – K8DD. I was going to say how much I enjoyed the new, shortened format, at least until the solar flare wiped things out for the first half of the contest – K8IR. I thought the contest ran through Sunday – Sunday morning I called CQ MQP – nothing! – K8LJG. Lots of fun, I like the new rules. CU next year – KX8LL. The bands were so bad that many of my "uniques" wanted audio reports thinking their rigs had died – N8KR Propagation sure as rotten! – VE3WZ. Heard nothing on 20-15-10M. Thanks to the mobiles for making the party fun. Still need Ionia for the last one. Maybe next year! – W2UDT. I enjoyed the QSO Party very much and look forward to next year’s activity – W2WC. Fun contest – tnx to the mobiles! - W3HDH. Sorry I could only play for an hour or so combined – still a fun one! – W4WS. Where did all the sigs go – VHF or 80M? CU all next year – W5NR. Really bad propagation! Michigan signals were few and far between when I was on and not very strong. Maybe next year – W6TOY. Some counties we had pipelines to, but missed many other MI stations – W8HP/8. Had a great time – it was a challenge trying to push RF through a couple of dead ham bands, even more so with QRP – WA8RXI. As a first time particpant, I enjoyed the contest and I expect to enter again next year and plan to work more ours and more CW too – WD8DJB. The first year that I have worked the MI QSO Party - WU8C.


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