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Michigan QSO Party

Scoring Records Since 1999

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This page lists the top scores in the major MiQP categories since 1999 when major changes were made to the rules and contest period.  The scoring rules were again revised in 2000 when the combined single operator category with power multipliers wase dropped in favor of separate categories for High, Low, and QRP entries.  Scores shown from 1999 have been assigned to the appropriate category and adjusted to remove the power multipliers for equivalence in comparison.

Record Scores By Category

Single Operator High Power
MI 2008 N8SS 240,684
Non-MI 2001 KU8E 71,820
DX 2013 DL2HBX 47,198


Single Operator Low Power
MI 2010 N8M 202,005
Non-MI 2003 WA3HAE 66,352
DX 2004 DL5MC 5,904


Single Operator QRP
MI 2010 K8MM 118,990
Non-MI 2005 N4JF 32,472
DX 2012 SP6JOE 162


Multi Operator
MI M/S 2012 K8MQP 227,424
MI M/M 2012 K8XXX 741,406
EOC 2013 W8OAK 409,734
Non-MI 2008 W8AV 30,411
DX 2005 RK2FWA 782


Solo Op 2012 W1NN/m 154,290
Multi-Op 2013 K8MR/m 311,160


Most Counties Worked by a Single-Operator entry
In-State 2016 K8BZ  74
Out-Of-State 2003 K8GU 80


Club Competition
MI 2004 Adrian Amateur Radio Club 1,063,028
Non-MI 2004 Minnesota Wireless Association 125,122


Records By County and Category

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Last updated: 28 Jul, 2016