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The Michigan QSO Party has an e-mail reflector, or mailing list for parties interested in MiQP to post operating plans, share ideas, etc.  The name of the mailing list is MiQP-Mail and the e-mail address is MiQP-Mail@miqp.org.

For those of you not familiar with e-mail reflectors this is now it works.  People interested joining the reflector must first subscribe to it, or in other words, register to receive e-mail from the reflector.  Subscribing is free, and you may unsubscribe at any time.

To subscribe to MiQP-Mail, send an e-mail to MiQP-Mail-request@miqp.org and in the body of the e-mail just put the word subscribe.

In response to your subscription, you'll get an e-mail back asking you to confirm your request to join MiQP-Mail.  The e-mail will have a strange-looking subject line such as "confirm 20c0a9297af30100adca345acdc894359b6b657f".  Simply use your e-mail program to reply to this e-mail (without changing anything).  This confirmation step is designed to prevent automated Web robots from registering and bombarding the  reflector with spam.

In response to your confirmation response, you'll receive one more e-mail showing your subscription was successful.  This e-mail also contains the URL link to a web page where you can manage your participation with MiQP-Mail. 

Once you've subscribed, any e-mail you send to MiQP-Mail@miqp.org will be "reflected" back to all subscribers.  MiQP-Mail is active year around, but sees the most activity in the weeks preceding the MiQP as participants plan their operations for the contest.

An archive is maintained of all e-mails sent to the reflector. This archive can be found at http://mail.miqp.org/pipermail/miqp-mail_miqp.org/.