2021 Michigan QSO Party Logs Received


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The scores shown on this page are raw numbers based on scoring of your log to the contest rules and may not accurately reflect your claimed score. For example, if your log uses non-standard location abbreviations (ex: OHIO instead of OH, or Kalamazoo instead of KZOO), these are not credited in the raw score calculation but may be credited in your final score as the result of log checking (the official log checking software is designed to be forgiving in this regard). Also, dupes are not removed from the raw scores shown on this page.

Number of logs received 434

Call Category Raw Score Club
N8LPDEOC19980Livonia Amateur Radio Club
NA8VFixed Single Op High239536Bay Area DXers
K8MQPFixed Single Op High230000South Lyon Area ARC
K8BKMFixed Single Op High183365Thumb Area Contesters
WA8YFixed Single Op High140462Bay Area DXers
K8MMFixed Single Op High93100Thumb Area Contesters
K8AOFixed Single Op High83693
W8PSPFixed Single Op High76002
N8OLFixed Single Op High64448Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
KB8ZGLFixed Single Op High58320Michigan State University ARC
K8QKYFixed Single Op High48480
K8BZFixed Single Op High29016Ogemaw-Arenac ARS
W8MOFixed Single Op High23700
W5DT/8Fixed Single Op High20706Hazel Park ARC
K8ROFixed Single Op High20625Lanse Creuse ARC
K8RCTFixed Single Op High17930Cherryland Amateur Radio Club
KD8AUZFixed Single Op High17876Saginaw Valley ARA
K8TSFixed Single Op High16686Central Michigan ARC
W3LLFixed Single Op High12036Potomac Valley Radio Club
AA1SUFixed Single Op High11591Radio Amateurs of Northern Vermont
KA6BIMFixed Single Op High11200Willamette Valley DX Club
KV0IFixed Single Op High9396
K8AJJFixed Single Op High7515Lanse Creuse ARC
W1KDAFixed Single Op High6550
N8NJAFixed Single Op High6018Wexaukee Amateur Radio Club of Cadillac
KU8EFixed Single Op High5805South East Contest Club
N3KNFixed Single Op High5782Potomac Valley Radio Club
K4BAIFixed Single Op High4995South East Contest Club
WX8CFixed Single Op High4824
NX3AFixed Single Op High4752Frankford Radio Club
K0TCFixed Single Op High4554Minnesota Wireless Assn
N5UMFixed Single Op High4452University of Michigan Amateur Radio Clu
W6OATFixed Single Op High3549Western Washington DX Club
NE8PFixed Single Op High3230Florida Contest Group
WA3AANFixed Single Op High3010Frankford Radio Club
K8ESQFixed Single Op High2808
W8FNFixed Single Op High2650South East Contest Club
K0TQFixed Single Op High2576Society of Midwest Contesters
W8CTFixed Single Op High2419Bay Area DXers
WA8KANFixed Single Op High2310
W0BHFixed Single Op High2294
N4CWFixed Single Op High1976Potomac Valley Radio Club
W8SDCFixed Single Op High1696
K0RJWFixed Single Op High1680Minnesota Wireless Assn
N3DUEFixed Single Op High1620Potomac Valley Radio Club
K5TIAFixed Single Op High1596Texas DX Society
K8LFFixed Single Op High1564Potomac Valley Radio Club
K1DJFixed Single Op High1488Yankee Clipper Contest Club
W1TOFixed Single Op High1480Yankee Clipper Contest Club
AA4DDFixed Single Op High1292Tennessee Contest Group
AK2SFixed Single Op High1219
N2BJFixed Single Op High1216Metro DX Club
W3TBFixed Single Op High1178Tennessee Contest Group
WB8IIIFixed Single Op High1176
N2SQWFixed Single Op High1170Hudson Valley Contesters and DXers
KJ9BFixed Single Op High1100Society of Midwest Contesters
KC9ACLFixed Single Op High1080
KF5MUFixed Single Op High1066
W9DZFixed Single Op High950Society of Midwest Contesters
W5RJJFixed Single Op High946
W4BBTFixed Single Op High805Potomac Valley Radio Club
AC3LZFixed Single Op High792Frankford Radio Club
W2UDTFixed Single Op High779Frankford Radio Club
K0PCFixed Single Op High748Minnesota Wireless Assn
KA9GDWFixed Single Op High704
WB5WAJFixed Single Op High651Tennessee Contest Group
KJ9CFixed Single Op High624Society of Midwest Contesters
KK0GTFixed Single Op High570Mississippi Valley DX/Contest Club
WQ6XFixed Single Op High560
KE8NBCFixed Single Op High532
K8LXFixed Single Op High520Bay Area DXers
VE5MXFixed Single Op High442Saskatchewan Contest Club
VA3ZVFixed Single Op High437Contest Club Ontario
K1GQFixed Single Op High416Yankee Clipper Contest Club
KA4OTBFixed Single Op High408Tennessee Contest Group
KE8FTFixed Single Op High400Northern California Contest Club
KA4RRUFixed Single Op High390Potomac Valley Radio Club
K1BIFFixed Single Op High384Radio Amateurs of Northern Vermont
K8TEFixed Single Op High348
K4SHWFixed Single Op High322
WB9CIFFixed Single Op High264
WA5LXSFixed Single Op High242DFW Contest Group
W8KNXFixed Single Op High240Keweenaw County Repeater Association
K4SBZFixed Single Op High238Florida Contest Group
K2KRFixed Single Op High234Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado
DL3DXXFixed Single Op High216Bavarian Contest Club
AA4TIFixed Single Op High180Florida Contest Group
K4RUMFixed Single Op High176Hudson Valley Contesters and DXers
N8TWFixed Single Op High176
K3DNEFixed Single Op High170Swamp Fox Contest Group
N5EPFixed Single Op High160Fox River Radio League
KB7PKCFixed Single Op High130
K8AJSFixed Single Op High128Mad River Radio Club
DK2OYFixed Single Op High126Bavarian Contest Club
K3WDFixed Single Op High120Loudoun ARG
VE2GTFixed Single Op High120Contest Group du Quebec
OT6MFixed Single Op High91
W1PRFixed Single Op High91
NO2CFixed Single Op High90Great South Bay ARC
NX4NFixed Single Op High84Florida Contest Group
KW4EEFixed Single Op High50
NS4XFixed Single Op High42Tennessee Contest Group
N2YGFixed Single Op High42
N1EKFixed Single Op High16Potomac Valley Radio Club
W4BCGFixed Single Op High12Tennessee Contest Group
KM6IFixed Single Op High12Northern California Contest Club
N8DEFixed Single Op High0Bay Area DXers
WB8WKQFixed Single Op Low127360Thumb Area Contesters
WA1UJUFixed Single Op Low121804
KE3KFixed Single Op Low80642Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
N8LJFixed Single Op Low79376Thumb Area Contesters
W8JJFixed Single Op Low65559Bay Area DXers
N8FYLFixed Single Op Low60656Lanse Creuse ARC
W8PIFixed Single Op Low49955Monroe County Radio Comm Assn
K8JTFixed Single Op Low35890
WA8UPBFixed Single Op Low34968Wexaukee Amateur Radio Club of Cadillac
W8DWFixed Single Op Low30874Saginaw Valley ARA
N8XIFixed Single Op Low28676
W8MSCFixed Single Op Low28595South Lyon Area ARC
AD8BVFixed Single Op Low26784
K8BBFixed Single Op Low25988Mad River Radio Club
KA8JBKFixed Single Op Low25578
N4XLFixed Single Op Low23004Swamp Fox Contest Group
W8CFSFixed Single Op Low22695
KB6NUFixed Single Op Low20336Arrow Communications Assn
W8DCQFixed Single Op Low18900
AC8JFFixed Single Op Low18785Hazel Park ARC
W8EWHFixed Single Op Low18480Mad River Radio Club
K8EKFixed Single Op Low18239Cherryland Amateur Radio Club
N8NAFixed Single Op Low17834Frankford Radio Club
W8UMFixed Single Op Low13974University of Michigan Amateur Radio Clu
W8RUFixed Single Op Low13260Mad River Radio Club
N8IIFixed Single Op Low12512Potomac Valley Radio Club
W8BUHFixed Single Op Low12456Ogemaw-Arenac ARS
K8NWDFixed Single Op Low12210Mad River Radio Club
W8ZZXFixed Single Op Low11390Central Michigan ARC
N8HKUFixed Single Op Low11289
N9EZFixed Single Op Low11118
W8JRKFixed Single Op Low10164Michigan State University ARC
W8EOFixed Single Op Low10050Michigan State University ARC
WB9HFKFixed Single Op Low10010Society of Midwest Contesters
NU0QFixed Single Op Low9792
KW8GFixed Single Op Low9216Cherryland Amateur Radio Club
WA5SOGFixed Single Op Low8400Fort Smith ARC
W2AABFixed Single Op Low7448Frankford Radio Club
W0PIFixed Single Op Low7020Minnesota Wireless Assn
WO1NFixed Single Op Low6930Yankee Clipper Contest Club
KA0PQWFixed Single Op Low6435Minnesota Wireless Assn
W1WBBFixed Single Op Low6336CTRI Contest Group
KB8WFixed Single Op Low5590
W5VSFixed Single Op Low5236
NS2NFixed Single Op Low5124North Coast Contesters
WK8PFixed Single Op Low4730
W8RJDFixed Single Op Low4464Utica Shelby Emergency Communications As
N4UOHFixed Single Op Low4332
WA0MHJFixed Single Op Low4200Minnesota Wireless Assn
K8IRFixed Single Op Low4160Menominee & Marinette ARC
AD8JFixed Single Op Low4096South East Contest Club
N8WNAFixed Single Op Low4050
N8TFDFixed Single Op Low3900Queen City Emergency Net
K8AZTFixed Single Op Low3828Livonia Amateur Radio Club
N8CJFixed Single Op Low3680Central Ohio Operators Klub Extra Novice
W9QLFixed Single Op Low3569Society of Midwest Contesters
K4AMCFixed Single Op Low3528Tennessee Contest Group
AE8MFixed Single Op Low3276
W3WHKFixed Single Op Low3007Frankford Radio Club
NW8EFixed Single Op Low2989
NW0MFixed Single Op Low2820
N8DMHFixed Single Op Low2730Cherryland Amateur Radio Club
K4VBMFixed Single Op Low2720
VE5KSFixed Single Op Low2628Saskatchewan Contest Club
K9CWFixed Single Op Low2600Society of Midwest Contesters
KG8PFixed Single Op Low2496Monroe County Radio Comm Assn
K5DHYFixed Single Op Low2484DFW Contest Group
K8MRFixed Single Op Low2484Florida Contest Group
K2ALFixed Single Op Low2482
K7SVFixed Single Op Low2400Potomac Valley Radio Club
W1QKFixed Single Op Low2400
WB8LZGFixed Single Op Low2294Central Michigan ARC
K8RGIFixed Single Op Low2277
W4SSFFixed Single Op Low2250Tennessee Contest Group
W8LHPFixed Single Op Low2160Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
VA7RNFixed Single Op Low1998
N7ZZFixed Single Op Low1978
K0TGFixed Single Op Low1920Minnesota Wireless Assn
WA3FAEFixed Single Op Low1914Potomac Valley Radio Club
WN8SFixed Single Op Low1908
KA4RLLFixed Single Op Low1856
N1CGPFixed Single Op Low1840
KB0UPCFixed Single Op Low1786
W2CVWFixed Single Op Low1768
W2QLFixed Single Op Low1701
KE8MOAFixed Single Op Low1653Central Michigan ARC
AJ4LNFixed Single Op Low1650Sterling Park ARC
KF3EBFixed Single Op Low1643
WA8ZBTFixed Single Op Low1584DFW Contest Group
AB8VSFixed Single Op Low1564
KM4FOFixed Single Op Low1540Kentucky Contest Group
N8BZNFixed Single Op Low1519Monroe County Radio Comm Assn
KB4CGFixed Single Op Low1518
KB9SFixed Single Op Low1480Minnesota Wireless Assn
WA8UMTFixed Single Op Low1403
K4ORDFixed Single Op Low1368Potomac Valley Radio Club
NU4NFixed Single Op Low1363
K0HNCFixed Single Op Low1344
AB2TBFixed Single Op Low1302
K1VUTFixed Single Op Low1240
AA8UUFixed Single Op Low1224Hazel Park ARC
N5MKYFixed Single Op Low1170Southern Michigan Amateur Radio Society
KB8TLFixed Single Op Low1160Livonia Amateur Radio Club
AC9BJFixed Single Op Low1078
KE8QCCFixed Single Op Low1073Arrow Communications Assn
K8RDJFixed Single Op Low1056Utica Shelby Emergency Communications As
W1UPFixed Single Op Low1050
K9GDFFixed Single Op Low1044
W8KNOFixed Single Op Low1014Portage County Amateur Radio Service
KB8PGWFixed Single Op Low1000
N8VWYFixed Single Op Low1000
K2UPDFixed Single Op Low1000
N8AAFixed Single Op Low992
KE0TTFixed Single Op Low950
W8WTSFixed Single Op Low936Mad River Radio Club
K8WUFixed Single Op Low893Hazel Park ARC
WA9LEYFixed Single Op Low884Metro DX Club
N8PWMFixed Single Op Low882
N3CKIFixed Single Op Low864Potomac Valley Radio Club
K4BSKFixed Single Op Low850
NT8BFixed Single Op Low846Michigan State University ARC
N8IGMFixed Single Op Low832Ogemaw-Arenac ARS
W1ZFGFixed Single Op Low805
W4SPRFixed Single Op Low784Florida Contest Group
KV8QFixed Single Op Low782
N5CHAFixed Single Op Low779
KG9JPFixed Single Op Low768Fox Cities ARC
W1ENDFixed Single Op Low756Yankee Clipper Contest Club
KK4ADQFixed Single Op Low756Potomac Valley Radio Club
KM4IAJFixed Single Op Low748
KB8UFixed Single Op Low741Arrow Communications Assn
N1IBQFixed Single Op Low714Yankee Clipper Contest Club
WA8AHZFixed Single Op Low704
VE3ZYFixed Single Op Low704
N4DWFixed Single Op Low704Tennessee Contest Group
K9WPVFixed Single Op Low609
NJ8JFixed Single Op Low598South East Contest Club
WN4AFPFixed Single Op Low592Swamp Fox Contest Group
KG4SRKFixed Single Op Low589
K4IUFixed Single Op Low588Minnesota Wireless Assn
AA8TAFixed Single Op Low588
VE9VICFixed Single Op Low588Maritime Contest Club
N7VSFixed Single Op Low578Willamette Valley DX Club
W1NNFixed Single Op Low576North Coast Contesters
KD8UQNFixed Single Op Low572Ogemaw-Arenac ARS
KA0RENFixed Single Op Low560
N6GPFixed Single Op Low555Southern California Contest Club
K4DRFixed Single Op Low527Tennessee Contest Group
AD8FKFixed Single Op Low522Hazel Park ARC
N9NMFixed Single Op Low510Central Texas DX and Contest Club
W8ELDFixed Single Op Low506South Lyon Area ARC
K2SQSFixed Single Op Low493Burlington County Radio Club
NJ2OMFixed Single Op Low480
K8NWFixed Single Op Low468Ohkyin Amateur Radio Society
N4QIFixed Single Op Low459
KQ3FFixed Single Op Low448Frankford Radio Club
W2IOC/1Fixed Single Op Low432
K4QQGFixed Single Op Low432Swamp Fox Contest Group
KA3EFixed Single Op Low420
AF5CCFixed Single Op Low408DFW Contest Group
NU5DEFixed Single Op Low408
AC3MBFixed Single Op Low384
WX1JFixed Single Op Low384Cherryland Amateur Radio Club
W8RPFixed Single Op Low375Arrow Communications Assn
WA2JQKFixed Single Op Low360Hudson Valley Contesters and DXers
KR4EEFixed Single Op Low336
KR8UFixed Single Op Low320
KW4LUFixed Single Op Low315
W4YPWFixed Single Op Low315
W6GMTFixed Single Op Low312Minnesota Wireless Assn
N9HDEFixed Single Op Low308
WT8WVFixed Single Op Low285
NS9IFixed Single Op Low280
W0COEFixed Single Op Low270
KA2GQQFixed Single Op Low266
KG2EFixed Single Op Low260
K5YXFixed Single Op Low253
KC8PKYFixed Single Op Low252
VE9RLWFixed Single Op Low247
N0YHFixed Single Op Low247
W4TWRFixed Single Op Low240
K8GVKFixed Single Op Low234Michigan State University ARC
AA0CLFixed Single Op Low220
K2QPNFixed Single Op Low209Burlington County Radio Club
W8LVNFixed Single Op Low208Society of Midwest Contesters
W0JMWFixed Single Op Low208
KC2WUFFixed Single Op Low204
N8DNAFixed Single Op Low200
KB3EHWFixed Single Op Low195Hazel Park ARC
KA4FVEFixed Single Op Low192
AB8SFFixed Single Op Low180
WI0WAFixed Single Op Low180Alaska DX Assn
N4DPMFixed Single Op Low176
AD8WAFixed Single Op Low169Livonia Amateur Radio Club
VE2USMFixed Single Op Low168
KB5GIFixed Single Op Low154
VA2KDFixed Single Op Low154
KE8OOKFixed Single Op Low154Genessee County RC
KE0LFixed Single Op Low144Tennessee Contest Group
W8TOYFixed Single Op Low140Hazel Park ARC
K7VAPFixed Single Op Low132Western Washington DX Club
W8DBCFixed Single Op Low130
W5LAFixed Single Op Low126
K2BETFixed Single Op Low112Michigan State University ARC
WA3RHW/4Fixed Single Op Low112
KD2QDDFixed Single Op Low112
KE8PJTFixed Single Op Low110
ND0TSFixed Single Op Low108
W7KAMFixed Single Op Low100Society of Midwest Contesters
AB1AFixed Single Op Low100
AC9XXFixed Single Op Low99
AF1RFixed Single Op Low99
N1AMFixed Single Op Low96
N4NTOFixed Single Op Low96Potomac Valley Radio Club
K9ELFFixed Single Op Low90Society of Midwest Contesters
W2VDZFixed Single Op Low81
KD2REHFixed Single Op Low81
K8VTFixed Single Op Low80South Lyon Area ARC
K7QDXFixed Single Op Low72
NU1UFixed Single Op Low72
K8VAFixed Single Op Low70Florida Contest Group
K9JMFixed Single Op Low70Northern California Contest Club
WD4FMGFixed Single Op Low64
WA9YIFixed Single Op Low63
WO9BFixed Single Op Low60West Allis RAC
W7MTLFixed Single Op Low56
K5MAYFixed Single Op Low54
AG7CCFixed Single Op Low52
K3ZGAFixed Single Op Low50
WA8ZNCFixed Single Op Low50Willamette Valley DX Club
N1CEOFixed Single Op Low50
AD1CFixed Single Op Low50Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado
W6JLVFixed Single Op Low49
AC9QMFixed Single Op Low49
KF5OMHFixed Single Op Low42
WA1SAYFixed Single Op Low42
KW4GFFixed Single Op Low42
KE8VUFixed Single Op Low36
KG5JENFixed Single Op Low36
KE8NLAFixed Single Op Low35
AA5AHFixed Single Op Low30
NJ1FFixed Single Op Low28Yankee Clipper Contest Club
KI5KOIFixed Single Op Low25
KD5FBAFixed Single Op Low25Texas DX Society
DL4FNFixed Single Op Low24Bavarian Contest Club
KX1WFixed Single Op Low24Yankee Clipper Contest Club
KD2KEHFixed Single Op Low24
KD9GYFixed Single Op Low20Society of Midwest Contesters
K1LOKFixed Single Op Low20
WM5LAFixed Single Op Low20
VA7BECFixed Single Op Low20
KC1NOMFixed Single Op Low20
KN4JNFixed Single Op Low18
K0OPFixed Single Op Low16
W7GFFixed Single Op Low16
K5IXFixed Single Op Low15Central Texas DX and Contest Club
N5KBFixed Single Op Low15Minnesota Wireless Assn
VA3DKLFixed Single Op Low15Contest Club Ontario
N5DTTFixed Single Op Low12Texas DX Society
W6NKRFixed Single Op Low12
N1ADXFixed Single Op Low12
W6USFixed Single Op Low9
AA8RKFixed Single Op Low9Arrow Communications Assn
WY7AAFixed Single Op Low4
KD4QMYFixed Single Op Low4South East Contest Club
WZ6ZZFixed Single Op Low4
N8QEFixed Single Op Low4Portage County Amateur Radio Service
KD9NHZFixed Single Op Low4
KK4CSFixed Single Op Low4
K6KQVFixed Single Op Low2Northern California Contest Club
WA2JQZFixed Single Op Low2
K8GNGFixed Single Op Low2South Lyon Area ARC
VE3ZDRFixed Single Op Low1
VA3PAFFixed Single Op Low1Contest Club Ontario
N4FAFixed Single Op Low1
KD9KJVFixed Single Op Low0
N8SSFixed Single Op QRP13056Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
N8GASFixed Single Op QRP8600Michigan QRP Club
W7LGFixed Single Op QRP2449
K2YGFixed Single Op QRP1610
AB8DFFixed Single Op QRP1020Michigan QRP Club
KA8SMAFixed Single Op QRP918Bay Area DXers
VE3DQNFixed Single Op QRP810Contest Club Ontario
K8ZTFixed Single Op QRP234North Coast Contesters
AC5OFixed Single Op QRP140
WB4OMMFixed Single Op QRP18Florida Contest Group
W9GPBFixed Single Op QRP4
N8KVMulti Op Single-Xmtr126790Hazel Park ARC
N8EAMulti Op Single-Xmtr34170Mad River Radio Club
KI6RRNMulti Op Single-Xmtr26640Southern California Contest Club
K3WJVMulti Op Single-Xmtr24817Frankford Radio Club
W8AWEMulti Op Single-Xmtr20292
W8DCMulti Op Single-Xmtr19671Grand Rapids Amateur Radio Association
W8USAMulti Op Single-Xmtr19053Michigan Amateur Radio Alliance
K1ROMulti Op Single-Xmtr15246Yankee Clipper Contest Club
N9KOPMulti Op Single-Xmtr13098Ogemaw-Arenac ARS
K8GTMulti Op Single-Xmtr12100Hazel Park ARC
K3QPMulti Op Single-Xmtr10140Frankford Radio Club
AC0WMulti Op Single-Xmtr8874Minnesota Wireless Assn
OM2VLMulti Op Single-Xmtr3219
K9NWMulti Op Single-Xmtr2838Southwest Ohio Dx Association
AF8AMulti Op Single-Xmtr2784Mad River Radio Club
K9CTMulti Op Single-Xmtr2632Society of Midwest Contesters
NR8JMulti Op Single-Xmtr2419
K5AEMMulti Op Single-Xmtr1768
KG9XMulti Op Single-Xmtr1680Society of Midwest Contesters
W8KMulti Op Single-Xmtr1395
KB4DEMulti Op Single-Xmtr1296
KC8PICMulti Op Single-Xmtr910South Lyon Area ARC
K8ERSMulti Op Single-Xmtr800South Lyon Area ARC
KY0QMulti Op Single-Xmtr720Society of Midwest Contesters
N1SOHMulti Op Single-Xmtr703Yankee Clipper Contest Club
N8YXRMulti Op Single-Xmtr680Mad River Radio Club
W8SHMulti Op Single-Xmtr675Michigan State University ARC
WX8MOJMulti Op Single-Xmtr460Central Michigan ARC
WA9PNDMulti Op Single-Xmtr437Society of Midwest Contesters
W4XOMulti Op Single-Xmtr308
NR0PMulti Op Single-Xmtr234
VE7BCMulti Op Single-Xmtr198BC DX Club
NF8MMobile solo27720Michigan State University ARC
W8UEMobile solo24585
W8RZMobile solo1260Society of Midwest Contesters
K0JPMobile solo91Minnesota Wireless Assn
NE9UMobile multi-op77850Minnesota Wireless Assn
AD8BUMulti Op Multi-Xmtr1040Blossomland Amateur Radio Association


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