2021 Michigan QSO Party Planned Operations


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To enter your plans below type in the callsign you plan to use during MiQP in the callsign box. If you are a mobile please enter call/m. Please do NOT type in other info such as station call or operator calls.

For fixed stations pick the single county you plan to activate from the list box below. For Mobiles pick multiple counties from the list box below.

Typically one uses the control key to select/deselect multiple items in a list box. On the Mac use the command key.

If you need to change your plans, simply return to this page and enter new information. When you submit your plans, any previous plans for the call entered are removed from the list.
Note that you must enter the callsign exactly as entered earlier. If you put call/m you have to enter call/m when you enter your changed plans.

If you want to remove your plans from the list then enter the callsign you previously entered and select None for county.

The purpose of this system is to capture planned operations to make sure all counties are covered and give participants an idea of who is doing what from where.
It is not intended to be an operating aid to capture times for each county. A copy of your plans are sent to the MiQP reflector. If there is a desire to announce
schedules for mobiles or announce other information please do so on the reflector.



To see all the MiQP plans click here Planned Operations Page

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